007 GoldenEye Cheat Codes

Level Cheat Difficulty Time to beat
1: Dam Paintball Mode Secret Agent 2:40
2: Facility Invincibility 00 Agent 2:05
3: Runway DK Mode (Big Head) Agent 5:00
4: Surface 2x Grenade Launcher Secret Agent 3:30
5: Bunker 2x Rocket Launcher 00 Agent 4:00
6: Silo Turbo Mode Agent 3:00
7: Frigate No Radar (Multi) Secret Agent 4:30
8: Surface2 Tiny Bond 00 Agent 4:15
9: Bunker2 2x Throwing Knives Agent 1:30
10: Statue Fast Animation Secret Agent 3:15
11: Archives Invisibility 00 Agent 1:20
12: Streets Enemy Rockets Agent 1:45
13: Depot Slow Animation Secret Agent 1:30
14: Train Silver PP7 00 Agent 5:25
15: Jungle 2x Hunting Knives Agent 3:45
16: Control Infinite Ammo Secret Agent 10:00
17: Caverns 2x RC-P90's 00 Agent 9:30
18: Cradle Gold PP7 Agent 2:15
19: Aztec 2x Lasers Secret Agent 9:00
20: Egypt All Guns 00 Agent 6:00

More Characters Cheat (Multiplayer)

To do this cheat, enter this controller code in any part of the opening screen for a multiplayer game, but it is adviseable to do it while in the character selection screen while at the last availiable character. There are a lot of steps, and it might not work the first time if anything is entered wrong. The only drawback of this code is that it does not save it to the system, so you will have to re-enter it each time you restart the system.

1) Hold L and R and press C-left
2) Hold L and press C-up
3) Hold L and R and press left on the control pad (NOT the analog joystick)
4) Hold L and press right on the control pad
5) Hold R and press down on the control pad
6) Hold L and R and press C-left
7) Hold L and press C-up
8) Hold L and R and press right on the control pad
9) Hold L and R and press C-down
10) Hold L and press down on the control pad

After completion of this code, you should have about 30 more playable characters than you had before, they are the crew that made the game, like producers, game designers, and stuff like that.

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