Army Men Cheat Codes

Army Men (PC)

To give those little green plastic soldiers the edge, activate these cheats by hitting the Escape key and typing in the following codes:

Cheat Code Result
SUCCUMB lose the scenario
TRIUMPH win the scenario
OMNISCIENT view all troops
PYROMANCER right button explosion
AEROBALLISTICS full air support
INVULNERABLE Sarge becomes invulnerable
PARALYSIS foes pinned in place
TELEKINETIC teleport Sarge anywhere on map (must be in Scroll mode)
PLETHORA full ammo
OCCULTATION Stealth mode (until Sarge shoots)
KAHUNA explosions, omniscient view, and invulnerability


Tip: Scroll the view around to look for the power-ups you'll need to solve a mission.

Tip: Check your map (F12) for important tips on accomplishing missions.

Tip: For the quickest kills in multiplayer games, use Death From Above. Find the enemy Sarge with an Air Recon and then drop an Air Strike or Paratroopers on him.

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