Blood 2: The Chosen Cheat Codes

Blood 2: The Chosen (PC)

Cheat Codes
While playing a game, press T for the "Talk" feature, then enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function:

Cheat Cheat Code
God mode mpgod
Full ammo, armor, and health mpkfa
Full health mphealthy
Full ammo mpammo
Full armor mparmor
Clipping mode mpclip
Toggle coordinate display mppos
Change camera angle mpcamera
Change lighting mplightscape
Displays your coordinates mpwhereami
Increased power; more gore mpbeefcake
Kill all monsters on level mpkillemall
Increased speed mpspeedup [1 - 5]
Increased strength mpstronger [1 - 5]
Change character model to Caleb mpcaleb
Change character model to Ophelia mpophelia
Change character model to Ishmael mpishmael
Change character model to Gabriella mpgabby
Beretta; repeat for dual weapon mpberetta
Submachinegun mpsubmachinegun
Flaregun mpflaregun
Shotgun mpshotgun
Sniper Rifle mpsniperrifle
Howitzer mphowitzer
Napalm Cannon mpnapalmcannon
Singularity Generator mpsingularity
Assault Rifle mpassaultrifle
Bug buster mpbugbuster
Minigun mpminigun
Cobalco Laser Rifle mplaserrifle
Tesla Cannon mpteslacannon
Voodoo Doll mpvoodoo
The Orb mptheorb
Life Leech mplifeleech
"Brian L. Goble is a programming god!" mpgoble
"Jim Totaro is da man!'" mptotaro
All items mpgoshopping
Health increased by 25 mpnicenurse
300 health mpreallynicenurse
Invisibility mptakeoffshoes
Ward (25 armor) mpward
Newcroward (100 armor) mpnewcroward
Willpower power-up mpcarbonfiber
Triple Damage power-up mpherkermur
Extra weapon selection mpbeansofcoolness
Unknown mpscorpio
Unknown mpsuperzug
Unknown mphideme

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