Carnivores II Cheat Codes

Carnivores II (PC)

Debug mode
Type “debugon” during game to activate Debug mode. (Your character will be undetected by dinosaurs until they have been shot at.) Additional Debug features are activated by pressing the following key combinations.

Effect         Hotkey
Longer jumps   [Ctrl] + N
Fast motion    [Ctrl]
Full map       [Tab]
Slow motion    [Ctrl] + S
Swim [Note]    [Space bar]

Note: Press [Space bar] before entering water.

Safe Spot
When you have debug mode on, find a dino wall, a very steep hill, or something like stonehinge (on Fort Caskin, to the east where the sand beach meets the forest),(dino wallonly on two levels, look in level selection)and do a super jump and land up on the object.

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