Championship Manager 3 Cheat Codes

Championship Manager 3 (PC)

Easy wins
First chose the team you are playing against (has to be in the nation you selected earlier) Then take control of that team as another manager. During the game move all the players from the team you want to lose up to attack then your players should have no problem scoring

Free Players
To get a player to volunteer, place an outrageous bid for him twice his market value. Then, after his team has accepted, change your offer to zilch (o) and select Cancel on the Adjust Offer screen!
First enter the club of the player you want. Click the player's name than click action. Click the "release on free" then resign or quit from the club. After that approach the player on signing.

Guaranteed goals
Before every game, make your strikers man-mark the opposing goalkeeper. This will assure you plenty of goals in every match

Manage International Team
To manage an international team, select a player of the desired nationality. Then click on his country of origin.

Unlimited Money
To have an unlimited cash reserve, enter the name: JIMMY RULES.

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