Constructor Cheat Codes

Constructor (PC)

Cheat Codes
These codes only work in DOS games. Enter them at the map and player select screen. Then press enter. You will hear a tone if you entered the code correctly. Press "C" during the game to activate the codes.

Prevent the Computer from Moving
When you first start a new game get one of your repair men to move to one of the enemys base put him on one of the construction sites before the computer does then wait soon the plot will blow up and kill 5 men including his forman repeat again on another plot and you will kill his other batch he cant build anything now.

Using Cheat Codes in Saved Games
Have you ever put the Cheats for Constructor and saved the game you were playing, but come back reloaded that same game and the cheats weren't active? This trick will help you.

  1. Go to the map and player screen.
  2. Type in the cheat or cheats you want to use.
  3. Go to Load Saved Game and choose the game you want to play.
  4. Start playing the game and press C to activate the codes.
You may now use cheats in any game you desire.

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