Cool Boarders Cheat Codes

Cool Boarders (PSX)

Additional boards
Win the three ranking to use special boards. There are three special boards in each easy, middle, and hard level.

Special course
The hardest course becomes available after three special boards are obtained.

Snow man boarder
Win the three ranking of the hardest course, then select the alpine special board by pressing Up + Triangle + Circle. The greatest boarder, "snow man" will be accessible. This status may be saved to the memory card.

Change DJ's voice
Enter option mode and press Select(55).

Difficult view
Win all rankings of all courses to gain another view.

View load time
Press Select to view the loading time between the selection and play screens.

Trick points
Hold L1 + L2 between the selection screen and play screen. Press L1 or L2 to view the trick points when you play boards.

Trick names
Hold L1 + L2 between the selection screen and play screen. Hold R1 + R2 on controller two to view the name of a trick.

Game Shark Codes

Infinite Check Point Time & Stop Total Timer 8018B44C 67A4
801FFEE0 044B
Bonus Boards 801EF82E 0007
Bonus Tracks 801EF82A 0005
High Stability 801827A4 0000
Always Snowman Boarder 801EF82E 0017
High Scoring 80016210 0000
80016212 0000

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