Deer Hunter 2 Cheat Codes

Deer Hunter 2 (PC)

Change Camera
To enter these codes, press F2 then type one of the following:

Cheat Codes
While playing a game, press [F2], then enter one of the following codes:

Cheat Code Result
dh2tracker View deer on map and GPS
dh2shoot Close-up on deer
dh2deadeye Camera follows arrow or bullet
dh2bulletcam View follows the bullet
dh2honey Irresistible to deer
dh2circle Attached to a deer
dh2rain Rainy weather
dh2snow Snowy weather
dh2thunder Thunder
dh2lightning Lightning
dh2blizzard Cycles weather effects more quickly
camera set fox[number] View through fox's eyes
camera set deer[number] View through deer's eyes
camera set crow[number] View through crow's eyes
camera set player View through hunter's eyes
dh2sightin Sights in weapon without target range
dh2wright Flight mode
dh2doolittle Animals never afraid
dh2flash Hunter runs faster
dh2supaflash Hunter runs very fast
dh2deerzilla Giant deer

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