Descent Cheat Codes

Descent (PC)

Change screen resolutions
Start the game with the descent -640x480 or descent -320x400 command lines.

Cheat mode
While playing a game game, type "gabbagabbahey" to enable cheat mode. Then, enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function.
Note: To prevent self-destruction, re-map the bomb key to avoid conflicts with code entry. Enabling cheat mode will reset your score to 0 unless a new game is started; and may not be used during a multiplayer game. The cheat status will also be included with any games saved and may not be disabled.

Cheat Code Result
honestbob All weapons
mitzi All keys
twilight Full shields
scourger WowieZowie weapons
bigred Super WowieZowie weapons
porgys Mega WowieZowie weapons
racerx Toggle invulnerability
guile Toggle cloak
farmerjoe[level number] Level select
buggin Turbo mode
bruin Extra life
astral Pass through doors, not walls
flash Display exit path
ahimsa Disable enemy fire
lunacy Fast robots, less shooting
biopsytoys or poboys Destroy reactor

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