Doom Cheat Codes

Doom (SNES)

Chain Gun on Level 2
On the second level go left and another left. Look across the left wall and you will find a miss matched wall peice. Open the door and press the button. Go where you would get red key (left door) and you will see it opens up to a open area go toward the back and there will be a chain gun.

Level 5 Secrets

Level Skip
In the episode Shores of Hell, on the second level, make your way to the room with quite a few pillars and several imps. Kill all the imps and go to the room with the green sludge, to your right is a hallway - follow the hallway until you enter a room with a demon, to your left is another hallway that leads to a room with two kinds of ammo. There's a sign that says "exit". Go in there to skip 2 levels ahead.

Secret Room in Level 1
Play until you reach the last room before the exit. Then go back to the room where you found the shotgun shells. On the right, there should be a open secret room where you will find the shotgun, a case full of bullets and a first-aid kit.

Secret Room in Level 2
Go straight into the hall about two feet and turn left to a hall. Go down the hall there untill the end then take a right. Wait for the moving wall to come down then wait for another then you'll find the shotgun.

Game Genie Codes

Start with MEGA health and MEGA armor
E3EA-B153 Start with more ammo
CBD3-B17F Heat vision mode
D7CF-F953 Select "The Shores of Hell" or "Inferno" at any skill level

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