Earthbound Cheat Codes

Earthbound (SNES)

Easy Money
There are several ways in this game to earn some quick cash. One way is to raise chickens. First, buy them for $12 and keep them. Wait till they turn into chickens and then sell them for $110! Two places where you can get free eggs are Happy Happy Village and a monkey in Tarah Rama's Cave. Another way to get money is to buy Broken Cannons for Jeff in Scarabia and then go Twoson. Keep sleeping in Paula's house until Jeff turns them all into Spectrum Beams, and then sell them for a nice profit. While you're waiting in Twoson, go to the man sitting in the hotel and talk to him until he gives you 50 bucks.

Get Jeff Easily
When you first look at the ladder in Threed, go to the hotel. There'll be a woman in a bikini. Follow her inside, and when she knocks you out, it'll go through a scene where Paula (or whatever you named her) will pray to Jeff. Go nextdoor and get all the cookies. Then go downstairs and get the "Bad Key Machine". Get out of the school and go to the drugstore. Then get the monkey and go to the lake. Tessie will take you across the lake, and then go through the maze. Once you're done, go through the cave and to the lab.

Game Genie Codes

DB23-77D1 Start at level 9
DE23-77D1 Start at level 15
7423-77D1 Start at level 50
1723-77D1 Start at level 100
EE23-77D1 Start at level 255
EE2E-7D01 Start with an insanely strong character
BB2D-5461 Start with lots of HP
BB2F-54A1 Start with lots of psi

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