Excitebike 64 Cheat Codes

Excitebike 64 (N64)

3D NES Excitebike
Finish 1st in the Challenge Round of Pro Season.

Raised Difficulty
Use the name of Nintendo's Excitebike Master (Pat Wells) to make the game a lot harder: to do this, enter PATWELLS as a code.

Big Head mode
Type: "BLAHBLAH" at the Cheat menu

Get Cheat Menu
To enter the following cheat codes, you must first locate the cheat menu. To get it, hold L, C Right, C Down, and the A button at the main menu.

Invisible Rider
Enter INVISRIDER as a code

Night mode
Enter MIDNIGHT as a code.

Stunt Bonus
Type: SHOWOFF at the Cheat Menu.

Unlock Hill Climb
Finish 1st in the Gold Round of the Amateur Season.

Unlock NES Excitebike
Finish the Tutorial Mode by completing all the stunts to unlock the classic NES Excitebike.

Unlock Soccer
Finish 1st in the Silver Round of the Novice Season.

All Tricks
Enter Trickster at the cheat menu.

Clear Rider
Enter Xlurider at the cheat menu.

Dark Rider
Enter Midnight at the cheat menu.

Debug Mode
Enter Imgoingnow at the cheat menu.

Mirror Mode
Enter yadayada at the cheat menu.

No Crashing
Enter Mower at the cheat menu.

Odd Colors
Enter Rotcols at the cheat menu.

Programmer's Pictures
Enter Uglymugs at the cheat menu.

Small Heads
Enter Pinhead at the cheat menu.

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