Final Fantasy III Cheat Codes

Final Fantasy III (SNES)

Easy Kills
To instantly destroy almost any monster (including most bosses), simply cast Vanish on them, then use X-Zone. It will instantly destroy all invisible enemies. Use Doom if there is only 1 enemy.

Economizer Relic
This relic is very useful as it reduces your magic cost to 1 point per spell! Here are three ways to get it:

  1. Go to the Phoenix Cave with Locke in one of your parties. Steal from the Apuila (A bird creature) and you will get an Economizer. Try several times because sometimes you'll just get Fenix Downs.
  2. Go to the forest east of Gau's father's house. Sometimes a Brachiosaur appears. Fight it (VERY HARD) and sometimes it drops an Economizer.
  3. Go to the Coliseum and bet a Gem Box. If you win the battle you'll receive an Economizer.

Gain Levels Overnight
You need a turbo controller for this trick. On the Lete River, when you go in circles select fight, fight, health, and auto crossbow using memory (config menu) if you do this correctly you can leave it sitting overnight and be at level 50 - 65 the next day.

Kill an Undead Enemy Easily
When in a battle against a ghost or undead enemy you can use a Revivify or Fenix Down from the items menu, and any life magic. This will kill undead enemies in one shot.

Moogle Charm
Here's how to get the Moogle charm, possibly the best relic in the game.
When you first find mog, talk to him. he will join your group. after this happens, walk to the wall that was behind him, and press search (a). You will receive the charm. With this Item equipped, you cannot be attacked by invisible monsters.

Paladin Shield
To earn the Paladin Shield, you must get the Cursed shield from an old man in Narsh after you get the Falcon Airship. Equip the shield, and win 255 battles with it. That will break the curse...and thus, you will now have the Paladin Shield.

Second Memento Ring
Make your way to the second floor of Strago and Relm's house. In the left hand corner (the one with the tables and chairs) face south and press A to gain another Memento ring.

Secret Characters

Weapon and Armor for imps
Go to the forest east of Gau's father's house. Fight Tyranosaurs until you recieve the weapon "IMP HALBERD" if you want Weapon and Armor for one person as an imp, win two Imp Halberds and enter one halberd {USE YOUR BEST FIGHTER BECAUSE THE MONSTER IS HARD}. If you win you should get a turtle shell. Then change one character into an imp and equip the imp halberd and turtle shell and the imp will have ultra attack and defense power.

Game Genie Codes

D15C-78E5 Start with Man-eater
F65C-78E5 Start with Excalibur
FC5C-78E5 Start with Illumina
FA5C-78E5 Start with Atma
435C-78E5 Start with Tempest
D35C-78E5 Start with Blizzard
F75C-78E5 Start with Enhancer
9A58-7675 Start with Mithril shield
9258-7675 Start with Gold shield
1F58-7675 Start with Ice shield
1D58-7675 Start with Fire shield
1C58-7655 Start with Hairband
1B58-7655 Start with Leather hat
5C58-7655 Start with Circlet
5B58-7655 Start with Mystery veil
5658-7655 Start with Red cap
6658-7685 Start with Silk robe
6B58-7685 Start with Mithril vest
6858-7685 Start with White dress
BC58-7685 Start with Genji armor
B058-7685 Start with Force armor
108C-EF03 All items in shops are free
108C-E4A3 All items in shops are free
DDA4-8767 Party always has sprint shoes
ED30-E944 'Tonic' gives 240 HP
AE67-0D30 Infinite bombs
3CB8-5DAE Most items can be used infinitely (not in battle mode)

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