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Alexa and I hard at work in Calculus, I'm wearing an ROTC uniform.

Anne and Jennifer sitting and relaxing on "the stoop"

Chantel and I in Psychology, I've known her since 5th grade

This is my friend Derek in the hotel playing Jenga while resting before an ROTC competition. We got that stack an incredible 26 stories high and its balancing on 4 levels of single blocks!

From left to right:
Back arc: Paul (covering someone I can't tell who), Kristin, Alexa, Matt, Stephanie, Alexandria, Nia, Larry, and Barney (in santa hat)
Carlos in center

This is me shooting the 50 caliber sniper rifle at the range

From left to right:
Top Row: Jocelyn, Stephanie, Nia, Hanson, Kristin, Carlos, Jody, Chris, David, Ema, Venessa, and Ryan
Middle Row (Not including the three in center): Larry, Cecelia, Rose, Billy, Stephanie, Brandon, Pablo
Crouching on Floor: Ramon
Three in Center: Anne, Randy, Jennifer

This is Galina and I in a cheese-wagon school bus, brings back memories.

Randy, Jennifer, me and Jody having some time off on "the stoop"

Anne, Randy, and Jennifer

Alexa and Shah, with Tim making himself seen behind them in Environmental Science

Me, Jody, Jennifer, Chris, Randy, Anne, and Barney

This is Phoebe and I, and Danny is posing pretty back there too.

Chantel, Me, Drew, and Katherine in Psychology. Not a bad picture considering the camera was just sitting on a desk and was on timer.

Me, Ms. Avery, Jennifer, and Jody.

Jessica and I, and Mike is back there looking like he's trying to fly...

I told Chris to try to carry Jody for the picture, but Chris is not fast enough for Jody.

This is my friend Katie in Psychology

This is Keisha and I, she is a nice young lady, but too bad she tries to act "ghetto" in front of her friends.

This is Ms. Marrazzo and I

This is Krisin dressed up for "granny day," strangely, I thought she just looked really good in that dress, maybe that's because I think she looks good in anything...

This is Melissa and I in Environmental Science, she recently shipped off into the Navy.

This is Shah giving me a fade. He wasn't used to doing it, so it took him 2 hours to do it! Man my ass was hurting from sitting on that hard stool all day.

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