Gex: Enter The Gecko Codes

Gex: Enter the Gecko (N64)


Enter one of the following passwords at the password screen.
Note: ">" indicates a right arrow.

Password What It Does
M758FQRW3J58FQRW4! All remotes and 99 lives
MX68KQ>Y3S68KQ>YW8 All remotes
DPXMDGVXCVLCG5WFL Opens first gate
C2G57FLRDQJV7FBTCN Opens second gate

Access the Titanic level
Go to the first main room and approach the arch. Then, climb the wall to reach the roof of the arch. Once on top, look for a floating square and jump on to ride to the Titanic TV screen.

Game Shark Codes

Infinite Lives 800C56B7 0005
Infinite Health 800C56BB 0005
Have All Artifacts 800C56BF 0063
800C56C3 0063
800C56C7 0063

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