GT 64 Championship Edition Cheat Codes

GT 64 Championship Edition (N64)

Reversed tracks
Beat championship mode on the easy difficulty level.

Quick start
Immediately after the starting light turns yellow, press Accelerate to get a faster start than your opponents.

Game Shark Codes

Always Place First 801608D8 0001
Total Laps to Race Modifier 8015FC35 00??
All Races 1 Lap 8015FC35 0001
Total Points Modifier Codes
Player One 8015FD09 00??
Have 99 Points 8015FD09 0063
1st Competitor 8015FD0B 00??
2nd Competitor 8015FD0D 00??
3rd Competitor 8015FD0F 00??
4th Competitor 8015FD11 00??
5th Competitor 8015FD13 00??
6th Competitor 8015FD15 00??
7th Competitor 8015FD17 00??
Rounds Placed Modifier Codes
Player One 1st Round 8015FCC8 00??
Player One 2nd Round 8015FCC9 00??
Player One 3rd Round 8015FCCA 00??
Player One 4th Round 8015FCCB 00??
Player One 5th Round 8015FCCC 00??
Player One 6th Round 8015FCCD 00??
1st Competitor 1st Round 8015FCD0 00??
1st Competitor 2nd Round 8015FCD1 00??
1st Competitor 3rd Round 8015FCD2 00??
1st Competitor 4th Round 8015FCD3 00??
1st Competitor 5th Round 8015FCD4 00??
1st Competitor 6th Round 8015FCD5 00??
2nd Competitor 1st Round 8015FCD8 00??
2nd Competitor 2nd Round 8015FCD9 00??
2nd Competitor 3rd Round 8015FCDA 00??
2nd Competitor 4th Round 8015FCDB 00??
2nd Competitor 5th Round 8015FCDC 00??
2nd Competitor 6th Round 8015FCDD 00??
3rd Competitor 1st Round 8015FCE0 00??
3rd Competitor 2nd Round 8015FCE1 00??
3rd Competitor 3rd Round 8015FCE2 00??
3rd Competitor 4th Round 8015FCE3 00??
3rd Competitor 5th Round 8015FCE4 00??
3rd Competitor 6th Round 8015FCE5 00??
4th Competitor 1st Round 8015FCE8 00??
4th Competitor 2nd Round 8015FCE9 00??
4th Competitor 3rd Round 8015FCEA 00??
4th Competitor 4th Round 8015FCEB 00??
4th Competitor 5th Round 8015FCEC 00??
4th Competitor 6th Round 8015FCED 00??
5th Competitor 1st Round 8015FCF0 00??
5th Competitor 2nd Round 8015FCF1 00??
5th Competitor 3rd Round 8015FCF2 00??
5th Competitor 4th Round 8015FCF3 00??
5th Competitor 5th Round 8015FCF4 00??
5th Competitor 6th Round 8015FCF5 00??
6th Competitor 1st Round 8015FCF8 00??
6th Competitor 2nd Round 8015FCF9 00??
6th Competitor 3rd Round 8015FCFA 00??
6th Competitor 4th Round 8015FCFB 00??
6th Competitor 5th Round 8015FCFC 00??
6th Competitor 6th Round 8015FCFD 00??
7th Competitor 1st Round 8015FD00 00??
7th Competitor 2nd Round 8015FD01 00??
7th Competitor 3rd Round 8015FD02 00??
7th Competitor 4th Round 8015FD03 00??
7th Competitor 5th Round 8015FD04 00??
7th Competitor 6th Round 8015FD05 00??
Quantity Digits to Accompany Rounds Placed Modifier Codes
00 - 1st
01 - 2nd
02 - 3rd
03 - 4th
04 - 5th
05 - 6th
06 - 7th
07 - 8th

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