Grand Theft Auto Cheat Codes

Grand Theft Auto Codes (PSX)

Invincibility (PAL version)
At the main menu, press Square, Triangle, Circle, X(2), Circle, Triangle, Square.

Cheat Codes
Enter one of the following codes as a player name.
Note: All codes in the game may be used in combinations. Enter and accept a code, then go to "Rename" and enter another code. Your character can also be renamed to any desired name after the last code is entered.

Game Shark Codes

Reverse Joker Command D002C440 ????
Infinite Lives 8002C446 0009
Infinite Pistol Ammo 8002C450 6300
Infinite Machinegun/Rocket Ammo 8002C452 6363
Infinite Flamethrower Ammo 8002C454 0063
Infinite Armor 8002C438 0063
No Cops 80026D84 2000
"Get Out Of Jail Free" Card 8002c45e0001
Extra Bonus Points 8002C442 0063
65535 High Score D002C2F0 0000
8002C2F0 FFFF
5 Million High Score D002C2F0 0000
8002C2F0 4FFF
D002C2F2 0000
8002C2F2 004C
Less Traffic 8002C3A4 05BD
Unlock Liberty City Part 2 80026D20 0001
Unlock San Andreas Part 1 80026D24 0001
Unlock San Andreas Part 2 80026D28 0001
Unlock Vice City Part 1 80026D2C 0001
Unlock Vice City Part 2 80026D30 0001
Super Human Whacked & Crazy Mode [Note] 8002C932 6401
8002C954 0002
8002C976 00FF
D002C440 0100
8002C932 0000

Note: This code is useful, but has a lot of glitches. Some missions may glitch, when they do just hit the "Kill" button and the board should reset. Whenever you die, hold Left or Right and tap the car jacking button; Run + Fire to resurrection your dead body. You can walk on water, and when you do you cannot get busted by the cops. You also are immune to electric shock and fire. The default "Kill" button is set on the brake button; R1. If you want to stop the vehicle just tap the brake button, do not hold it down.

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