Harvest Moon Cheat Codes

Harvest Moon (SNES)

Double Vision
When you have a full grown cow and a full grown chicken, take one of each and put them in the shipping area for livestock then go down to the livestock dealer. Tell him you want to sell a cow & a chicken then go back to your ranch. If it worked properly you should have 2 livestock dealers, one in front of each other. One of them will buy 1 of the 2 animals while the other one stands there dead as a door-knob.

Free Chickens
It will cost you money to buy your first chicken. Once you have a chicken you must feed it hay every day and it will lay an egg. If you miss a day of feeding the chicken, it won't lay eggs for 3 days! To get more chickens instead of buying them you can put an egg on the incubator in the bottom right-hand corner. Come back in three days and it will be a baby chicken. A week later it will be big enough to lay eggs. If you put baby chickens in the house you don't have to feed them, wait a week and they will be big enough to lay eggs.

Full Power
To restore full power, go to the mountain and jump in the springs several times.

Gather Fruit and Earn Some Loot
In any season go to the mountains and get a fruit. If it is Sunday go to the peddler and sell it. If it's another day then you can put it in the shipping box but you'll get $50 less.

Magic Beanstalk?
When you sell your first milk producing cow, a peddler will come into the screen. He will ask if you will trade the cow for a magic bean. Do so. Any time in the Spring, take the seed to the mountain peak and throw it until it disappears from the item box. Return the next day and climb the beanstalk. Talk to the golden chicken and tell the truth. He will give himself to you to sell to the peddler.

Power Apples
To get a power apple, go up during the day and talk to the guy next to the pond. Tell him you want to fish. Fish until you catch something but DON'T EAT IT! Instead, throw it back in the pond and a man will appear and give you a power apple.
You can also get a power apple by taking the hammer and smashing the chicken statue.
Alternatively, get the full moon flower on the 12th of autumn and throw it in the pot at the Harvest Festival.

Power Apples 2

  1. Sell a chicken and a peddler might appear and exchange it for a power apple.
  2. After the earthquake in winter the boulder blocking the passage to a area in the mountains is gone. Go in there, destroy the top stump and go in the hole. You will land on the platform that has a apple on it in the cave.
  3. Plow your fields enough to get one.
  4. Plow some more to get another one
  5. Chop enough stumps and a apple will appear underneath one
  6. Buy the seed of snow flower at the flower festival for 2000 gold pieces and plant it at the summit in winter. A flower will bloom and a fairy will thank you for letting it bloom and give you a power apple.
  7. You can either get a power apple or a special egg that stops hurricanes from happening. It's much better to get the egg in the first year and the power apple in the second year. Just win the egg festival and you will get either one.

Super Axe
To get the Super Axe in the second year, go up to the mountain top. Go up the first level then go over to the left to the small pond use the axe on the pond and a lady will appear. Tell her it's not your axe and she will give it to you.

Super Hammer
When the carpenter asks to borrow your hammer, let him. When he returns it it will be able to destroy wood in a single swing.

Super Plow
One day you'll see an elf lying in front of your house. After talking with him, give him some food and he'll improve your plow.

Super Sickle
When a man comes and says he heard an awful sound, search your farm for the cut down tree. Enter it and talk to the elf inside. Tell him that the sickle is working good and he'll make it better.

Time Saving Tip
At the end of spring or summer, about 1 or 2 days before the next season, buy about 5 or so bags of seed for the next summer or spring. This way you don't have to go to the florist the next time you have to plant any seeds.

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