Harvest Moon 64 Cheat Codes

Harvest Moon 64 (N64)

Blue Power Nut
To prevent getting sick in the rain throw a small fish in the pond near the fishermens tent. If you did it right a water imp will appear.

If you put your chickens on the roof using the staircase, they will get fed without you having to do anything. They will still lay eggs also.

Easy medals
To get easy medals in a horse race save the game the day before and bet all your money on one horse then find out the winner of the race and restart the game. Re-bet on the winner with your money. With the medals you can get cool upgrades and gifts.

Elli's Grandmother
At some point during the game, Elli's Grandmother (the one in the rocking chair outside the bakery) is supposed to die. This happens on a festival day when everyone is usually at the town square. but she will be where she normally is. DONT TALK TO HER. If you do she will pass away. Also if you marry Elli the Grandmother won't die.

Exercise the Dog
Okay, so you want to win the dog races but don't have the time? Just build a fence, or use one you already have, and call your dog. When he comes, make sure that you are on the opposite side of the fence as him. He will keep running towards you while you are doing work. This also works with crops.

Get on Moon Mountain without a bridge
Go to the tree behind the carpenters house (Where you get to ad to your house). Press A to climb the tree that is the closest, or faces the river. You should start climbing the tree and hop off onto the mountain. To get down simply press A where you hop off the tree and he will hop back down the tree.

Girl's birthdays
Ann's birthday = Summer 14
Popuri's birthday = Spring 21
Karen's birthday = Winter 29

How to upgrade your house
To upgrade the shack you live in, you must have two things, lumber and ALOT of money. Go to the carpenter's house and check to the right of the bed and there will be a sheet. Check the sheet and it gives you a choice:
1. Kithen
2. Bathroom
3. Log-terrace (Deck)
4. Baby bed
5. Stairs
6. Greenhouse
(These are not in order) Choose one and he'll say he'll be over to see if you have the money and lumber. Go back to your ranch and if you have the materials, he'll tell you he will start tommorow.

How to get rid of your dog
If you want to get rid of that no good mutt just bring it in the bathroom and place it on the ground. Then let it walk around and eventually it will walk into the black where you can't and will fall down some sort of hole. You can call for it but it won't come, you will just hear it's barking.

How to get the Music Box
During the Summer go to the dog house. Line yourself with it facing your field (you'll be in between the dog house and the crate that you put your veggies in) From there walk towards the end of the field (you'll have to go around the crate) untill (like it says in the map) the tree, the same tree you found the map in, is to your left. Now dig in the spot where the two (dog house and tree)line up. You'll have to strike the ground with the hoe about 10 times. You'll get a rusted up music box. Take it to the tool shop and the shop keeper (Rick) will fix it for you. It's purpose is to be given to the girl you like because it plays a love song.

How to get the empty bottle
The only place you can buy the empty bottle is from Rick at some of the Festivals in the town square, especially the Flower Festival. With the bottle, you can buy medicine, or keep liquids in it.

How to get the marble
To get the marble you have to buy some flower seeds and plant a moon drop flower and a pink cat flower then when they are done a boy comes to the farm (Stu) and tells you to plant more so then plant four more moon drop and four more pink cat flowers then when there done the boy comes back and ask you to trade with you and say yes then you get a marble (you can find pink cats at the Flower Festival and buy at least five of it).

How to make Ann fall in love with you
First you should talk to her often. She likes pink catmint flowers and wool. You should show her your dog and other wild animals often she also enjoys cakes like any other person in the game.

How to make Elli fall in love with you
Elli likes fish and eggs and milk. Give it to her every day(eggs milk or fish ethier one.)She well soon fall in love with you if you rapidly give any of those three to her.

How to make Karen fall in love with you
If you choose Karen as your love, there are a few ground rules. Don't talk to her so much. Make sure you constantly talk to her father and the purple bandana guy. In spring and fall, you can find wild grapes. Give them to her and her father all the time. Visit her in the bar when it is open. Sometimes Karen is on the beach near Ann's house. when the time comes, get the blue feather from Rick and use it on her.

Invisible baby (glitch)
In order to do this you must first have your baby crawling. Now, pick up your baby and drop it right in front of the bathroom door (the one you go in to take a bath). Than press forward and pick up your baby and you will open the door and jump in the water and when you get out your hands will be sticking out but no baby. Also if you press the Z button it will say the name of the baby as well! In order to make your baby visible again press start and then press the B button it will be visible again! This trick is not very useful but it is funny.

Love Meter
The girls in Harvest Moon have affection hearts in the bottom right of the text box.
YELLOW=Deep Affection

Milk and Wool upgrades
For Milk: When you get a cow it makes small milk(100G) to make it give you better milk "forget" to feed it one day. The next day she will be sick. Buy a medice from the rancher or potion man. Use it and your cow will produve medium milk(150G). Do this again and it will produce large milk(300G). You can't use this method to get gold milk though (500G). The only way to get that is to win the cow festival (Fall 4th at green ranch) For Wool: Do the same thing you did to get better milk except only do it once. Wool:900G, Good Wool: 1800G

No money betting medals
When you are betting medals in the dog races, talk to the mayors wife and place the bets where you think the horse will win. DO NOT PRESS OK!!! When your cursor is highlighting the horse names, press B and exit out of the screen. It gives your money back, but it keeps the medals that you bet on the horses! Just don't talk to her again until after the races and if your horse wins, then you'll get the medals just as if you had payed!

Pond Upgrades
To receive a Anti-Rain Power Berry, catch a small fish, and then throw it into the pond where you first met the fisherman, a blue monkey should appear and give you a berry, which allows you to not get tired during rainy days. Another one is to throw any vegetable into the pond near the carpenters house, a spirit will appear and gives you a wish to use for one of three choices, Weather, strength and love.
Note: Do not wish for love if you have a mate with a pink heart in her text box, it will do nothing.

Power Berry
The pond behind the fisherman's tent freezes during the winter so that you can walk on it. If you have the golden hammer, walk onto the frozen pond and hit the rock in the back with your most powerful swing. The rock will break and a power berry will come out.

Treasure Map
If you look in the tree on your farm by pressing the A button there will be a treasure map inside.

Where to Get Recipes
Use the following steps to get various recipes. NOTE: You must have a kitchen to get recipes.

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