Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum is a German-born model. I first saw her on David Letterman. This picture is from that. She isn't one of those models that think they are so special, always talking low and slow, has no sense of humor, or just a slut. She is a sweet, slim, sexy model that likes to laugh at jokes, and she actually started yodeling on the late night show with Letterman because he asked her to since she is from Germany. If you WERE one of those people that think German girls are man-like individuals, I KNOW this chick changed your mind about that. I'll try to get an audio clip of her yodeling on that show (she has a very sweet voice, even while joking around like that).

Check out that dress!!!! When I was watching that episode of Late Night with Letterman, sometimes I could actually see her butt!

Like I said before, I LOVE that dress on her. Personally, I think she is the most attractive out of most of all of models out there now. Some models might have bigger tits or whatever, but that does not necessarily mean more attractive. She just have that "perfect" figure, that sweet, gentle face, and a lovely smile. No need to mention any of the other things, she doesn't need make-up at all.

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