Kobe Bryant In NBA Courtside Cheat Codes

Kobe Bryant In NBA Courtside (N64)

Hidden teams
Highlight the "Pre-Season" option from the main menu. Then, hold L and press A. Now press Right to access the Nintendo Gamers, Nintendo Plumbers, and Left Field Lefties teams.

Alien heads
At the main menu, press C-Up, C-Down, C-Left, C-Right, Start(2), A, B, A, R, Z. Press B to return to the main menu. Then, enable the "Hidden teams" code and select the "Left Field" team.

Small players
At the main menu, press C-Right(2), B, R, R, C-Down, Up, Down, C-Up, A, Z.

Big heads
Pause the game and press Right(2), Left, R, Z, Start, A, Start, A, Start, Z.

Disco mode
Pause the game and press A, C-Up, Down, Up, C-Down, R, R, B, C-Right, C-Right, Z.

View replay
Pause the game and enter the preferences menu. Then, set the "Special cameras" option to "Replays". Now resume the game and press B + Z after scoring to view the replay of the basket.

Alternate replay angle
During a replay, hold B.

Micheal Jordan clone
Create a player-
First name: Michael
Last name: Jordan
Age: 35
Years pro: 13
Jersey Number: 23
Height: 6'6
Weight: 215
Position: Guard
Head: 7
and max all abilities. Then, save and release the roster player from the Bulls, and sign Michael Jordan.

Game Shark Codes

Key Code Required - Click Here for info about it.
Enable Code (Must Be On) DE000400 0000
Home Team Score 0 813F4CA6 0000
Infinite Time Outs Home Team 803F4CA4 0009
803F1924 0009
Infinite Turbo Home Team 81121D12 0100
81121EEE 0100
811220CA 0100
811222A6 0100
81122482 0100
Away Team Score 0 813F1926 0000
Infinite Turbo Away Team 8112265E 0100
8112283A 0100
81122A16 0100
81122BF2 0100
81122DCE 0100
Infinite Shot Clock 8012AA07 00FF

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