Killer Instinct Cheat Codes

Killer Instinct (SNES)

Bonus Level
To access a bonus stage, go to the Character Select screen and press Down + B on both controllers.

Change Speed
On the versus screen, press these buttons on both controllers.

  SLOW:    Hold LEFT and all 3 kick buttons.
  MEDIUM:  Hold RIGHT and all 3 kick buttons.
  FAST:    Hold RIGHT and all 3 punch buttons.
  HYPER:   Hold LEFT and all 3 punch buttons.

Combo Breaker
At the Vs. screen when you see both fighters, hold Down then press Start. You will here someone say "C-c-c-combo breaker." Now, when you fight you can do combos and combo breakers at any strength.

Level and Music Select
To choose your starting level and background music, enter any of these codes at the Character Select screen. Use Controller One to choose your level, or Controller Two to select the music.

Level Code
Desert Bridge Up + R
Chicago Alley Down + R
Skull Chamber Up + Y
Castle Chamber Down + B
Ice Temple Up + L
Ice Statue Up + X
Lava Bridge Down + X
Desert Rooftop Up + A
Warehouse Down + A

Play as Eyedol
In either a one- or two-player game, pick Cinder. At the Vs. screen, press and hold Right. Continue to hold Right and press L, R, X, B, Y, A. You should hear a voice say "Eyedol."

Practice Against Eyedol
Fight your way up to Eyedol, then let him kill you. At the game-over screen, let the timer run down and then go to "Practice", pick your character, then you'll be practicing against Eyedol.

After you are killed and are swaying back and forth, just start hitting buttons rapidly (except for Start or Select.) You will then be reincarnated, and will have double strength. But if you get hit, and it only takes one hit, you are totally dead.

Secret Stage
Choose a TWO-PLAYER game. At the Character Select screen, have both players choose a character, then hold DOWN and press MEDIUM KICK to select it.

Turbo Mode
Start a one-player game and pick your fighter. At the Vs. screen, hold Right, and simultaneously press all three Punch buttons. You should hear a punch sound. Now you can play the game at twice the normal speed.

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