Knockout Kings Codes

Knockout Kings (PSX)

Game Shark Codes

P1 Infinite Stamina 801DA5DE 002D
801DA606 002D
P1 No Stamina 801DA5DE 0000
801DA606 0000
P1 Max Power 801DA60C 0BB2
P1 No Power 801DA60C 0000
P2 Infinite Stamina 801DAF6A 002D
801DAF92 002D
P2 No Stamina 801DAF6A 0000
801DAF92 0000
P2 Max Power 801DAF98 0BB2
P2 No Power 801DAF98 0000
Arena Modifer 800AF790 00??
Create A Boxer
Max Power 800C12AC 0064
800B0A7C 0064
Max Speed 800C12B0 0064
800B0350 0064
Max Stamina 800C12B4 0064
800B09E0 0064
Quantity Digits to Accompany Arena Modifier Code
00 - Madison Square Garden
01 - Top Rank Arena
02 - Ring Magazine Arena
03 - Great Western Forum
04 - Grand Casinos
05 - Caesar's Palace
06 - Schtanzes Cajun Corner
07 - Generic

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