Megaman 8 Cheat Codes

Megaman 8 (PSX)

All weapons
At the title screen, press Up, Down, Left(2), Circle, Square, Triangle, X(3), Left, Up.

View FMV sequences
On the title screen, highlight the "Bonus Mode" option. Then, hold L1 + R1 and press Start. Now a "Animation Test" option will appear under the "Voice Test" selection on the "Bonus Mode" menu.

Game Shark Codes

Infinite Energy 8015E282 2800
Infinite Lives 801C3370 0005
Infinite Rush Energy 801B2990 0027
Infintie Bolts 8016D2F0 0009
Invincible 8015E2AA 2D00
Always Have Mega Ball 801B1EB0 0001
Infinite Mega Balls 801B1EB2 2D00
Always Have Flash Bomb 801B1EB4 0001
Infinite Flash Bombs 801B1EB6 2D00
Always Have Thunder Claw 801B1EB8 0001
Infinite Thunder Claws 801B1EBA 2D00
Always Have Ice Wave 801B1EBC 0001
Infinite Ice Waves 801B1EBE 2D00
Always Have Tornado Hold 801B1EC0 0001
Infinite Tornado Holds 801B1EC2 2D00
Always Have Water Balloon 801B1EC4 0001
Infinite Water Balloons 801B1EC6 2D00
Always Have Flame Sword 801B1EC8 0001
Infinite Flame Swords 801B1ECA 2D00
Always Have Homing Sniper 801B1ECC 0001
Infinite Homing Snipers 801B1ECE 2D00
Always Have Astro Crush 801B1ED0 0001
Infinite Astro Crushes 801B1ED2 2D00

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