Megaman Legends Cheat Codes

Megaman Legends (PSX)

Note: This game is also titled Rockman Dash.

Rolling invincibility
While playing a game, hold L1 or R1 and jump to roll to either side. During this time, Megaman will be momentarily invincible.

Unlimited money (method 1)
Play the beast hunter game at the studio and get 4000 gold for completing grade A . This may be repeated to collect an unlimited amount of money.

Unlimited money (method 2)
Locate the garbage can and pop can on the ground near the Jetlad Bakery on the Shopping Street. Then, kick the can into the bakery and speak to the woman inside to receive $1,000. This may be repeated to collect an unlimited amount of money.

Bonus options
Beat the game to unlock an additional option (in green) on the main menu that allows the game to be played at a more difficult level. Beat the game on the new difficulty level to unlock another option (in yellow) that allows the game to be played at an easier difficulty level, with dash boots and full left arm weapon capability.

Control camera
At various times during the briefing sequences, "Camera Change" and "Camera Free" will be displayed. Press Square or Triangle to change the zoom. Press Circle to change views. Press X to stop the scene.

Game Shark Codes

Joker Command D00C0C26 ????
Infinite Life 800B521E 00C4
Infinite Zenny 800C1B2C 423F
800C1B2E 000F
Infinite Health Boat & Airship 80100E02 2400
Infinite Special Weapon Power 800357FC D623
800D895E 2400
800D8B5E 2400
800D8BBE 2400
Invincible Megaman 300B52C0 0001
Invisible Megaman 300B52C1 001F
Time is Always 00:00 800C1B1C 0000
800C1B1E 0000
Have All Normal Items 800BE420 FFFF
800BE422 FFFF
800BE424 FFFF
800BE426 FFFF
Have All Special Items 800BE41C FFFF
Have All Special Weapons 800BE410 FFFF
Equipped Special Weapon Modifier [Note] 300B5322 000?
Equipped Special Weapon Always Active Modifier [Note] 300B5320 000?
Mega Buster Always Enabled 300BE321 0001
Cameleon Net Always Active 800BBD96 06BB
Defense Shield Always Active 800BBD94 031E
Mega Jump D00B52CC 4000
800B51D2 FA00
Equipped Buster Parts Slot Position Modifier Codes
Slot 1 300B5600 00??
Slot 2 300B5601 00??
Slot 3 300B5602 00??
Buster Parts Slot Position Modifier Codes
Slot 1 800B5604 00??
Slot 2 800B5606 00??
Slot 3 800B5608 00??
Slot 4 800B560A 00??
Slot 5 800B560C 00??
Slot 6 800B560E 00??
Slot 7 800B5610 00??
Slot 8 800B5612 00??
Slot 9 800B5614 00??
Slot 10 800B5616 00??
Slot 11 800B5618 00??
Slot 12 800B561A 00??
Slot 13 800B561C 00??
Slot 14 800B561E 00??
Slot 15 800B5620 00??
Slot 16 800B5622 00??
Quantity Digits to Accompany Equipped & Buster Parts Slot Position Modifier Codes
00 - Nothing
01 - Blaster Unit Omega
02 - Sniper Unit Omega
03 - Laser
04 - Sniper Range
05 - Turbo Battery
06 - Power Raiser Omega
07 - Range Booster Omega
08 - Turbo Charger Omega
09 - Blast Unit
0A - Sniper Unit
0B - Power Raiser Alpha
0C - Range Booster Alpha
0D - Turbo Charger Alpha
0E - Power Raiser
0F - Range Booster
10 - Turbo Charger
11 - Buster Max
12 - Power Stream
13 - Blaster Unit R
14 - Buster Unit Omega
15 - Omni-Unit Omega
16 - Auto Battery
17 - Sniper Scope
18 - Rapid Striker
19 - Gatlin Gun
1A - Omni-Unit
1B - Power Blaster R
1C - Power Blaster L
1D - Machine Gun
1E - Triple Access
1F - Buster Unit
20 - Rapid Fire
21 - Helmet
Quantity Digits to Accompany Equipped Special Weapons Modifier Codes
0 - Kick
1 - Mega Buster
2 - Machine Buster
3 - Powered Buster
4 - Drill Arm
5 - Grenade Arm
6 - Spread Buster
7 - Vacuum Arm
8 - Active Buster
9 - Blade Arm
A - Grand Grenade
B - Splash Mine
C - Shield Arm
D - Shining Laser

Note: These codes are to be used with "Have All Special Weapons" code.

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