NBA Jam: Tournament Edition Cheat Codes

NBA Jam: Tournament Edition (SNES)

Bonus Players
To select a special character, highlight the first letter in their initials, then press Start and the first code button at simultaneously. Do the same thing with the second and third letters. A '*' indicates that any button will do. For example, to add the Bulls' Mascot to your team, the initials are "BNY" and the code is B*Y; thus, to select him you would:

When you reach the Team Select screen, your character should appear. He or she will join you no matter what team you choose, trading places with one of the normal players. If he's taking the place of a player you want to keep, switch the team's order to swap players.

Character Inital Code
Bill Clinton CIC A*B
Hilary Clinton HC_ *B*
Prince Charles ROY BA*
Frank Thomas SOX B*A
R. Cummingham PHI *AY
Heavy D HVY A*B
Adrock ADR *YB
Mike D. MKD Y*Y
Will Smith WIL YB*
Jazzy Jeff JAZ YAA
Larry Bird BRD AYA
C. Blazekowski BLZ Y*Y
Bulls' Mascot BNY B*Y
Hornets' Mascot HGO *YA
TWolves' Mascot CRN AB*
Suns' Mascot GOR *BB
Asif Chaudhri AMX *AY
Brett Gow LGN AB*
Alex De Lucia XYZ BBA
Scott Scheno KSK *BY
Dan Feinstein RAY BA*
Eric Kuby DAN *BA
Eric Samulski AIR Y*B
Wes Little HTP A*Y
M. Stubbington MPF BY*
Chris Kirby CK B*Y
Jason Falcus JF A*Y
Neil Hill NDH ABA
Jay Moon JAY *AB
Snake Palmer GOF AYB
Mark Turmell MJT A*A
Sal Davita SAL AY*
Tony Goskie TWG B*A
Jamie Revitt RJR *AY
Shawn Liptak SL *BB
John Carlton JMC YYB

Change Teams in Mid-game
Start a new game. When the Player Selection screen appears at the end of any quarter, hold Down + B for five seconds. You now press Left or Right to choose a different team.

Extended Roster
To get an extended roster without beating all of the teams, go to the title screen and press START-Y-UP-DOWN-B-LEFT-A-RIGHT-DOWN-START. When it asks you to enter your initials select YES and enter the initials "JAM".

For any of the following power-ups, press the code sequence given at the Tonight's Match-Up screen.

Game Genie Codes

Player one has power block DFEA-1FDC
Player one has powered-up 3pointers D4EA-1FDC
Player one has infinite turbo D0EA-1FDC
Player one has infinite fire D6EA-1FDC
Player one has super dunks FDEA-1FDC
Player one has max power 4DEA-1FDC
Player one has goal tending 0DEA-1FDC
Player one has quick hands 6DEA-1FDC
Player one has powered-up offense DFEA-1F0C
Player one has super speed D4EA-1F0C
player one has teleport passes D6EA-1F0C

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