NBA Live '98 Codes

NBA Live '98 (PSX)

Granny free throw
While shooting a free throw, hold R1.

Spinning ball before free throw
When the ball is moving on the "T" power bar, hold R1 + L1 and press X.

Warm-up shot
While shooting a free throw, hold L1.

Cheat Codes
At the "User Setup" screen, highlight the team to be controlled, and press Up until the phrase "Start New" appears. Then press X, enter "Secrets" (case-sensitive) as a name, and press Start. Select the new "Secrets" option. Now select "Enter Secret Code" option. Finally, enter one of the following case-sensitive codes below.
Note: Some codes have multiple settings. To change settings, highlight the code and press Left or Right. All codes are saved to memory if the game is saved immediately after entering the code.

Bonus teams
To get a bonus team with members from the development staff. Enter one of the following locations and team names at the "Create Custom Team" option screen:

Location Team name
EA Europals
Hitmen Coders
Hitmen Earplugs
Hitmen Idlers
Hitmen Pixels
QA Campers
QA DBuggers
QA Testtubes
TNT Blasters

Game Shark Codes

Home Team Scores Modifier 8007E114 00??
Away Team Scores Modifier 8007F578 00??
Enable Secrets Menu & All Cheats Enabled 80087FBE 0FFF

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