NBA Shootout '98 Cheat Codes

NBA Shootout '98 (PSX)

99's In All Attributes
Creat a player with the First name: NOTHING CAN, Last name: SAVE, College: YOU.

360 Alley OOP
When you have the ball and a player is near the hoop press Triangle, Circle, Square, X.

Join The Crowd
Put your player near the opening of the crowd and keep hitting the spin button.

Game Shark Codes

Infinite Player Creation Points 8001057C 02D0
Home Team Scores 0 800C63F4 0000
Home Team Scores 200 800C63F4 00C8
Press R1 for Home-200/Away-0 D00D47A4 0008
800C63F4 00C8
D00D47A4 0008
800C63F8 0000
Away Team Scores 0 800C63F8 0000
Away Team Scores 200 800C63F8 00C8
Press R1 for Home-0/Away-200 D00D47A4 0008
800C63F4 0000
D00D47A4 0008
800C63F8 00C8
Infinite POOL 8001057C 02D0
Max OVR 8001057A 0064
Max STA 30010568 0064
Max INS 30010569 0064
Max OUT 3001056A 0064
Max BAL 3001056B 0064
Max SPD 3001056C 0064
Max DEF 3001056D 0064
Max OFF 3001056E 0064
Max PAS 3001056F 0064
Max ORB 30010570 0064
Max DRB 30010571 0064
Max BLK 30010572 0064
Max STL 30010573 0064
Max DNK 30010574 0064
Max FTH 30010575 0064
Max 3PT 30010576 0064
Max CLU 30010577 0064
Max HOK 30010578 0064
Max LAY 30010579 0064

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