NFL Blitz Cheat Codes

NFL Blitz (N64)

Bonus Players
Enter these codes at the Enter Initials screen.

Name Code
Julia 1234
Turmell 0322
Sal 0201
Jason 3141
Jenifr 3333
Daniel 0604
Japple 6660
Root 6000
Luis 3333
Mike 3333
Gentil 1111
Brain 1111
Forden 1111
Skull 1111
Carltn 1111
Shinok 8337
Raiden 3691
Thug 1111
Van 1234
Billz 0526
Zz 1221
Jimk 5651
Marka 1112
Ed 3246
Todd 1122
Mitch 4393
John 5158
Josh 4288
Ryan 1029
Beth 7761
Brian 0818
Grinch 2220
Paulo 0517
Lt 7777
Nico 4440
Gatson 1111
Guido 6765
Rog 8148
Monty 1836
Shun 0530
Gene 0310
Paula 0425
Dbn 6969
Thug 1111

Cheat Codes
Enter these codes on the Matchup screen.

Cheat Cheat Code
Big Players 1-4-1 Right
Big Head Team 2-0-3 Right
Fast Passes 2-5-0 Left
Headless Team 1-2-3 Right
Hide Name 1-0-2 Right
Huge Football 0-5-0 Right
Huge Head 0-4-0 Up
Hyper Blitz 5-5-5 Up
Hyper Turbo 3-2-0 Left
Invisible 4-3-3 Up
Invisible Qback 3-4-2 Left
Late Hits 0-1-0 Up
More Speed 4-0-4 Left
Night Game 2-2-2 Right
No CPU Assistance 0-1-2 Down
No First Downs 2-1-0 Up
No Fumbles 4-2-3 Down
No Head 3-2-1 Left
No Interceptions 3-4-4 Up
No Out Of Bounds 2-1-1 Left
No Punting 1-5-1 Up
No Random Fumbles 4-2-3 Down
Power Blockers 3-1-2 Left
Power Defense 4-2-1 Up
Powerup Blockers 3-1-2 Left
Powerup Defense 4-2-1 Up
Powerup Offense 3-1-2 Up
Powerup Speed 4-0-4 Left
Powerup Teammates 2-3-3 Up
Random Plays 1-1-5 Left
Show Field Goal % 0-0-1 Down
Show More Field 0-2-1 Right
Smart CPU 3-1-4 Down
Super Field Goals 1-2-3 Left
Tiny Players 3-1-0 Right
Turn Off Stadium 5-0-0 Left
Unlimited Turbo 5-1-4 Up

Extra Blocker
To have an extra blocker press both pass and hike buttons (A and B by default.) This makes the the person that goes in motion block.

Hide Cursor
To hide your cursor when picking a play,press up on the control stick twice. This makes the cursor diseappear and prevents the other player from seeing your play.

Lateral Back
To lateral the ball back to a player on your team, point the control pad in the direction of the player and press the pass button to avoid a tackle.
CAUTION: Interceptions are frequent on this play, to avoid them in the cheat area type 3-4-4 up which will make interceptions non-frequent.

No Shoes
When the announcer says "Who's Playing?", enter the following code: Z, Z, B, B, B, B, B, B, B, A, A, Up and your team's players will not have shoes.

Onside Kick
To do an onside kick, hold Up + A + B + Z right before you do a kick off.

Skip Ending After 1st and 3rd Quarters
Tired of waiting for the camera to pan upwards at the end of the 1st and 3rd quarters? Then press and hold down the Z, A, + B buttons at the same time, and the game will skip the ending of the quarter and will go straight to the next quarter.

Weather Control
Enter these codes on the Matchup screen.
Clear Skies 2-1-2 Left
Rain 5-5-5 Right
Snow 5-2-5 Down
Fog 0-3-0 Down
Thick Fog 0-4-1 Down

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