NFL Quarterback Club '99 Cheat Codes

NFL Quarterback Club '99 (N64)

Hidden player
At the main menu, press C-Up, C-Down, C-Left(2), C-Right, C-Left, C-Up. Then, a new player named "The Good Mr." will appear under Emmitt Smith on the Dallas Cowboys.

Cheat Codes
Enter one of the following codes at the cheat menu to activate the corresponding cheat function:

Code What It Does
SCLLYMLDR Alien stadium
XTRTMS Unlock all extra teams
DBLDWNS Eight downs
TRBMN Infinite turbo
BTTRFNGRS Fumbles on contact
STCKYBLL No fumbles
PWRKCKR Super kicks
FLBBR Flubber ball
HSNFR Ball smokes while in air
BCHBLL Big football
BGMNY Big coin in coin toss
FRRSTGMP Slow motion mode
XTRVLTG Electric football mode
RGBY Rugby mode
RCQTBLL Racquetball mode
SLPNSLD Super slippery mode
PNBLL Players bounce around like pinball's
PWRPYLNS Giant pylons
MRSHMLLW Fat players
TTHPCK Skinny players
HSPTL Increased injuries
RLSTN Opponents scores 0
SHUTOUT Start with 12 points

Game Shark Codes

Infinite Character Creation Points 81072F30 015E
Infinite Time Outs Home Team 8004C0B6 0003
No Time Outs Home Team 8004C0B6 0000
Infinite Time Outs Away Team 8004C62E 0003
No Time Outs Away Team 8004C62E 0000

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