Need For Speed II Cheat Codes

Need For Speed II (PC)

Civilian Car Cheats
-Type in the below codes at the main menu to drive the civilian cars.

Code Effect
bus school bus
semi tractor trailor
bug Volkswagen Beetle
vwfb Volkswagen Fastback
vanagon Volkswagen Combi Van
miata Mazda Miata
bmw BMW
mercedes Mercedes-Benz
volvo Volvo Stationwagon
armytruck Mercedes Unimog Army Truck
snowtruck Mercedes Unimog Snow Truck
jeepyj Jeep YJ
landcruiser Toyota Landcruiser
quattro Audi Quattro
commanche Commanche Pick-up Truck
drive29 Monolithic Studios Tour Bus
drive30 Limousine
drive31 Citroën 2CV
drive35 wooden box
drive36 hand cart
drive37 wooden stand
drive38 tyranosaurus rex
drive39 wild west style wagon
drive40 souvenir stand 1
drive41 souvenir stand 2
drive42 souvenir stand 3
drive43 log
drive44 crate 1
drive45 Mono-Rail
drive46 Hover Cop Car
drive47 U.F.O. (unidentified flying object)
drive48 Hover Sewage Truck
drive49 crate 2
drive50 crate 3

Bonus Car Cheat
-Type redracer during the main menu to obtain the bonus car, Ford Indigo.

Bonus Track Cheat
-Type hollywood during the main menu to get the bonus track, Monolithic Studios.

Other Cheats
-Hold the n key when the race is loading to drive during the night.

-Type pioneer during the main menu to upgrade all cars to "Pioneer Engines". This makes cars go faster and handle better.

-Type slip during the main menu to make the track slipery

9 Camera Views
Please note that most people cannot complete this cheat after the first time trying. Only one out of every ten tries the camera view will work.

-Type pioneer at the main menu and at the pop up menu (says:"All cars upgraded to Pioneer Engines") press and hold RIGHT SHIFT and b. Do not let go while the game is loading. After the game loaded the screen will turn black, just before the black screen disappears press and let go of RIGHT SHIFT, c and b 6 times. Press and let go of them again 6 times just before the camera zooms to the car. Now let go. Toggle through your camera views and you should now have a over-head view of the car!

-Start the race on any track with the McLaren F1 in Simulation Mode. Once you reach about 45 MPH hold down hand brake until you come to a complete stop. Now change to the reverse gear, and hold down accel. Begin to hold hand brake just before the starting line. The Computer Opponents will now come chasing after you for the whole race.

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