Need for Speed III: Hot Pursuit

Need for Speed III: Hot Pursuit

Type the following codes at any menu to activate the cheat:

Cheat Code Result
RUSHHOUR heavy traffic
EMPIRE race on Empire City track
ELNINOR race with El Niņo car
MERC race with Mercedes CLKGTR
GOFAST enables super speed in Single Race mode
ALLCARS enables all cars, including Pursuit Vehicles

Type these codes right before you click the RACE button to drive the different nonplayer cars:

Cheat Code Result
Go01 Mazda Miata
Go02 Toyota Landcruiser
Go03 cargo truck
Go04 BMW 5 series
Go05 '71 Plymouth Barracuda
Go06 Ford pickup with camper shell
Go07 Jeep Cherokee
Go08 Ford full-size van (Econoline)
Go09 '64-'65 Ford Mustang
Go10 '66 Chevy pickup
Go11 Range Rover
Go12 school bus
Go13 Caprice Classic taxi
Go14 Chevy cargo van
Go15 Volvo station wagon
Go16 sedan
Go17 Ford Crown Victoria police car
Go18 Mitsubishi Eclipse police car
Go19 Grand Am police car
Go20 Range Rover police car/ranger vehicle
Go21 cargo truck (same as 03)


Tip: You'll get a lot farther a lot faster using a joystick. With responsive cars and tricky, fast corners, you should find the quick, tight action of a stick preferable to the longer physical throws of a wheel-and-pedal set.

Tip: Redlining rules. Especially on sections with elevation changes, try to keep your car at marginal redline rather than shifting up where the torque isn't nearly as high. This may require changing gears a lot, but that's why you have a manual tranny, isn't it?

Tip: Once you've had a good look at the game, switch off the visual effects. Granted, you'll suddenly be without some of the graphical perks, but you'll also be without the smoke and dust that often obscure the view. As a bonus, you may also find your frame rate substantially improved.

Tip: Cut corners! There's lots of run-off room on the shoulders and sidewalks surrounding these tracks; a good human driver must take advantage of this leeway.

Tip: For a faster start, try the following: Keep the rpm at the quarter mark before the green flag. Shift immediately when you hear "Go!" and, to keep wheel spin to a minimum, accelerate gently rather than flooring it.

Tip: If you're faced with an oncoming cop in Hot Pursuit mode, chances are he'll try a slide block to his weak side (the most open side) of the track. If you head straight for him and then veer to his strong side (the narrowest opening), you'll usually blow past his limited AI.

Tip: Shortcuts often aren't. They're usually quite difficult to negotiate and often don't eliminate enough track. Nevertheless, there are three really good ones:
Redrock Ridge: Just a second or two before the balancing rock hairpin, turn to the left (cuts the entire hairpin corner).
Country Woods: Several seconds after the two sharp lefts following the first tunnel, turn to the right and wind through the trees.
Empire City: Seven or eight seconds after the start, turn to the left and drive through the laneway. (This one continues after you've crossed the track.)

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