NHL '99 Cheat Codes

NHL '99 (N64)

Big Heads
For players with big heads, enter the password BRAINY.

Big Players
For larger than normal players, enter the password BIGBIG.

Faster Gameplay
To speed up the game, enter the password FAST. For more speed, enter the password FASTER.

Goal Sounds
After scoring a goal you can make some various sounds that are heard after goals. When the instant replay starts, hit Z to hear different sounds. Keep hitting it until you hear the sound you like and hold the button. This causes your opponents rumble pak to rumble continuously.

No Goalies
For an easier game, enter the password PULLED to remove the goalies.
Note: this affects you as well as your opponent.

Photo Hounds
To add camera flashes to the crowd scenes, enter the password FLASH.

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