Perfect Dark Cheat Codes

Beat Challenges Easily
Having trouble beating some of the tougher challenges in PD's Combat Simulator mode? Here's little loophole that lets you easily beat all the challenges without any problems. All you need to execute this trick are two controllers and a memory slot to save your game. Using the first controller, select Advanced Setup and create an easy scenario with nothing but MeatSims. Save the scenario, then access the Load Settings screen -- but don't load anything. Now use the second controller to select a challenge you would like to beat. Press Start until it says "ready and waiting."
Finally, use the first controller to load your scenario. You will now be able to play the challenge with the easy settings of your custom scenario. This trick will work with all challenges, but you have to change the combat setting depending on the type of challenge (eg: Hold the Briefcase or King of the Hill). You can use this little trick to completely customize the challenges, including the time limit.

Firing Range Trick
Here's a handy little trick if you're having problems beating all the weapons challenges in the firing range. Go into the Carrington Institute firing range and access the Laptop Gun challenge (for any medal). When the training session begins hold down the B button so the gun switches over to the secondary weapon mode (sentry gun). Hit Z to deploy the sentry gun -- but as soon as you hit Z hit the START button. Select "abort", then hit START again as soon as the screen starts to fade. You should now be back at the weapon challenges list. You can now pick any challenge you haven't completed and commence the training. If done properly, the sentry gun should still be deployed and will start firing at the targets and beat most of the challenges for you. Note that there are some challenges where this trick doesn't work, such as the RCP-120.

Combat Simulator Rewards
You can unlock the following preset games:

You can also unlock the following scenarios:

Unlocking Arenas:

Here's your guide to unlocking weapons:

Earning Cheats

Weapons for Jo in SoloMissionDifficultyTime Constraint
Rocket Launcher1.3 - dataDyne ExtractionAnyFinish
Sniper Rifle2 - Carrington VillaAnyFinish
Super Dragon4.3 - Area 51 EscapeAnyFinish
Laptop Gun5.2 - Air Force OneAnyFinish
Phoenix8 - Attack ShipAnyFinish
Psychosis Gun3.1 - ChicagoPerfect1:44
Trent’s Magnum5.3 - Crash SiteAgent2:50
FarSight6.2 - Deep SeaPerfect5:13

Fun CheatsMissionDifficultyTime Constraint
DK Mode3.1 - ChicagoAnyFinish
Small Jo3.2 - G5 BuildingAnyFinish
Small Characters4.1 - Area 51 InfiltrationAnyFinish
Team Heads Only5.1 - Air BaseAnyFinish
Play as ElvisArea 51 RescuePerfect7:00
Slow Mo Single Player1.2 - dataDyne InvestigationAnyFinish

Gameplay CheatsMissionDifficultyTime Constraint
InvincibleArea 51 EscapeAgent3:50
Cloaking Device3.2 - G5 BuildingAgent0:59 (or insert Game Boy game into Transfer Pak)
Marquis of Queensbury Rules1.1 - dataDyne DefectionSpecial1:30
Jo Shield6.2 - Deep SeaAnyFinish
Super Shield7 - Carrington Institute DefenseAgent1:12
Perfect Darkness5.3 - Crash SiteAnyFinish
Enemy Rockets6.1 - Pelagic IIAnyFinish
Enemy Shields7 - Carrington Institute DefenseAnyFinish

Classic Weapons for Jo in SoloMedals Needed in Firing Range
PP9iAll Gold
CC13All Gold
KLO1313All Gold
Kf7 SpecialAll Gold
ZZT 9 mmAll Gold
DMCAll Gold
AR 53All Gold
RC-P45All Gold

WeaponsMissionDifficultyTime Constraint
Classic Sight1.1 - dataDyne DefectionAnyFinish
Unlimited Ammo – Laptop Gun5.2 - Air Force OnePerfect2:59
Hurricane Fists1.3 - dataDyne ExtractionAgent2:03 (or insert Game Boy game into Transfer Pak)
Unlimited Ammo6.1 - Pelagic IISpecial5:50
Unlimited Ammo, No Reloads5.1 - Air BaseSpecial3:11
X-Ray Scanner4.2 - Area 51: RescueAnyFinish
R-Tracker/Weapon Cache Location9 - Skedar RuinsAnyFinish (or insert Game Boy game into Transfer Pak)
All Guns in Solo9 - Skedar RuinsPerfect4:07 (or insert Game Boy game into Transfer Pak)

Buddies CheatMissionDifficultyTime Constraint
Velvet DarkHave at beginningN/AN/A
Pugilist1.2 - dataDyne InvestigationSpecial6:30
Hotshot4.1 - Area 51 InfiltrationSpecial5:00
X-Ray Scanner4.2 - Area 51: RescueAnyFinish
Hit and Run2 - Carrington VillaSpecial2:30
Alien8 - Attack ShipSpecial5:17

Hidden Items

Transfer Pak Cheats
Use your Game Boy version of Perfect Dark and a Transfer Pak to unlock four cheats hidden in your N64 version of Perfect Dark. Plug in your Transfer Pak and GB game and download your save data information from the Game Boy version to the N64 version. This will make four cheats available.
You'll unlock:
Cloaking Device
Hurricane Fists
All Guns in Solo mode

Unlocking Special Assignments
There are a couple of hidden levels that you can unlock by playing through the game:

Cheese List
Why are there pieces of cheese hidden in Perfect Dark? I don't know, but here are the cheese locations:

Break into the Carrington Institute Website
The following trick isn't for the game, but rather for Nintendo's "secret" promotional website. To break into the Carrington Institute website, use the following user name and password:

Username: solaris
Password: pal32ver21z

Enter these at the 'agents only' section of the Carrington Institute's site and you'll be granted access to a new area complete with information on "CI Scientists Missing", DataDyne files recovered, biological sampling system and intelligence reports.

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