Quake Cheat Codes

Quake (PC)

Type in these codes during game play

Cheat Code Result
GOD god mode (if used too long, it says "*name* has died of boredom")
MAP E1M# warp to # level (replace # with the number of the level you want to warp to)
NOTARGET enemies don't see you unless you fire at them
NOCLIP walk through walls
IMPULSE 255 quad damage mode
FLY you can fly (use the D key for up, C key for down)
GIVE # give weapon (replace #with weapon number)
GIVE S # give shotgun shells (replace # with any number - 255 or lower
GIVE C # give battery charge (replace # with any number - 255 or lower)
GIVE R # give rockets (replace # with any number - 255 or lower)
GIVE N # give nails (replace # with any number - 255 or less)
GIVE HEALTH # give health (replace # with any number - 999 or lower)
IMPULSE -1 quad damage mode
IMPULSE 0 nothing for now
IMPULSE 1 give shotgun
IMPULSE 2 give double-barreled shotgun
IMPULSE 3 give nailgun
IMPULSE 4 give supernailgun
IMPULSE 5 give grenade launcher
IMPULSE 6 give rocket launcher
IMPULSE 9 give all weapons and max ammo
IMPULSE 11 give jewels (1 each time it's executed - do it 4 times for all)
SV_GRAVITY -50 reduce gravity (you can use any number other than 50)

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