Rampage 2: Universal Tour Cheat Codes

Rampage 2: Universal Tour (PSX)

Play as George
Enter "SM14N" as a password.

Play as Lizzie
Enter "S4VRS" as a password.

Play as Ralph
Enter "LVPVS" as a password.

Play as Myukus
Enter "N0T3T" as a password.

Play as alternate Myukus
Enter "B1G4L" as a password to play as a purple version of Myukus with perfect stats.

Game Shark Codes

Joker Command D009FB78 ????
Unlock George 801F9A4A 0000
Unlock Lizzie 801F9A4C 0000
Unlock Ralph 801F9A4E 0000
Unlock Myukus 801F9A50 0000
Infinite Time (Bonus Round) 8007BD8C 002E
Infinite Time to Choose Character 800A9860 06FF
Damage Friends On 8007A68A 0001
Damage Friends Off 8007A68A 0000
Share Lives On 8007A68C 0001
Share Lives Off 8007A68C 0000
P1 Character Modifer 800A8FD8 000?
P2 Character Modifer 800A8FE2 000?
P3 Character Modifer 800A8FEC 000?
Curtis Codes
Infinite Lives 801E0D9C 0005
Infinite Health 801E0DA2 0044
Always Have Super Move 801E0DAA 0044
Max Score 801E0DD0 FFFF
Boris Codes
Infinite Lives 801E0FBC 0005
Infinite Health 801E0FC2 0044
Always Have Super Move 801E0FCA 0044
Max Score 801E0FF0 FFFF
Ruby Codes
Infinite Lives 801E11DC 0005
Infinite Health 801E11E2 0044
Always Have Super Move 801E11EA 0044
Max Score 801E1210 FFFF
George Codes
Infinite Lives 801E13FC 0005
Infinite Health 801E1402 0044
Always Have Super Move 801E140A 0044
Max Score 801E1430 FFFF
Lizzie Codes
Infinite Lives 801E161C 0005
Infinite Health 801E1622 0044
Always Have Super Move 801E162A 0044
Max Score 801E1650 FFFF
Ralph Codes
Infinite Lives 801E183C 0005
Infinite Health 801E1842 0044
Always Have Super Move 801E184A 0044
Max Score 801E1870 FFFF
Myukus Codes
Infinite Lives 801E1A5C 0005
Infinite Health 801E1A62 0044
Always Have Super Move 801E1A6A 0044
Max Score 801E1A90 FFFF
Quantity Digits to Accompany Character Modifier Codes
0 - Curtis
1 - Boris
2 - Ruby
3 - George
4 - Lizzie
5 - Ralph
6 - Myukus

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