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Secret of Mana (SNES)

Defeat Dark Lich the Easy Way
In many walkthroughs for SoM, they always want you to do complicated stuff when it comes to killing the second to last boss, the Dark Lich. Instead, just have a couple fairie walnuts and when the Dark Lich appears, just start pummeling him with the Lumina spell. Right after you cast it, keep checking on when you can use another one of the girl's spells. When her spells become active again, use the Lumina again. Repeat. If the girl's MP gets low, have the Sprite use a fairie walnut on her. If all goes well, you should be able to defeat the Dark Lich without getting a scratch and before he even has a chance to do anything!

Get back into Potos
To get back into potos after you get banished, you have to have all three people alive. Walk up to the guy at the gate, keep walking into him and keep pushing select until you're on the other side. This code is cool, but useless.

Hidden Areas
The first one is a salesperson selling some good items in the Castle of Tansicia (is that how you spell it?). Go to the room with the bridge. You can already see him. Do this:

  1. Go behind the bar.
  2. You should be able to walk into a wall behind there.
  3. Make your way around into the room.
  4. You can still talk to the person while you're standing on the ground.

Note: This second one is completely pointless, even though it's fun.

Here is your chance to work in a hotel.

  1. Go to the inn at Matango.
  2. Walk into the wall on the left side.
  3. Make your way around to stand at the counter.

Hidden Face
This codes is really pointless, but it is neat. Once you have Flammie, go to the globe screen. Then push start to see the whole map. Look in the upper right hand corner, you should see a little mark (It looks like a little peice of dirt that got stuck on you TV screen). Fly to it. It is really hard to find still. But once you see it, go to overhead view. It looks like a little face. It is sort of a trademark that Square has put into some of its games.

Level 9 Sword
You can get the level 9 sword without using the mana spell.
You need the lv 8 sword and Flammie.
Near the Ice Palace there will be a very small island next to it. Land on it. If you go up and see neko when you land talk to him and save the game. Hold L, R, start, select, for about 2 seconds, which will reset the game. Start a new game and keep playing until you meet the 1st Mantis boss. During the battle (not when they are talking and not after you win) hold L, R, start, select, for about 2 seconds again. Select the game where you saved it at neko. When you start the data you will be in the hole where the mantis boss is. Kill it (which shouldn't be that hard) and you will get a power up for the sword. Go to Watts and you can get the Mana Sword.
Note: Do not try this more than once, it will mess up your data. Also you should make an extra data because you might mess up and you wont be able to use the data anymore.

Mana Sword
To get the Mana sword, save in the ice world at Neko, push R+L+select to restart. Start a new game and when you get to the mantis, push R+L+Select and hold for five seconds. Go to the game saved at Neko and if you did it right you should be able to kill the mantis again. once you get it forge the sword for it to become the allmighty MANA SWORD.
WARNING: Do not cast mana magic on the mana sword as it will become the level 1 sword all over again. Also, do not try this trick if you already have the mana sword.
IMPORTANT: When doing this trick, Saving in Neko is dangerous. Due to some bug in the game, when you save at Neko, your game could get erased. So do the trick on a file you generally don`t really care about, because it could get erased.

Game Genie Codes

Instant Charge 5EA9-E40D

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