San Francisco Rush Cheat Codes

San Francisco Rush (PSX)

Hidden car
Choose any car, then hold R1 + R2 until the race begins.

Choose any car, then hold R1 until the race begins.

Choose any car, then hold L1 until the race begins.

At the car selection screen, hold R1 + R2 + L1 + L2 and choose a car. Keep those buttons held and press X at the transmission selection screen. Then, hold Triangle until the race begins.

Change car colors
At the car selection screen, press Square.

Reversed tracks
Once circuit mode has been completed, an option for forward and reversed tracks will be selectable.

Stunt mode
Once tournament mode has been completed, you will be able to access a stunt mode option on the Golden Gate track.

Bonus cars
Complete one of the following goals to unlock the corresponding bonus car:

Game Shark Codes

Infinite Time 800B2814 001E
Always Place First 800B3388 0000
Max Speed 80101218 0329
Car Modifier 800B2738 000?
Quantity Digits to Accompany Car Modifier Code
0 - Beginner Car
1 - Advanced Car
2 - Expert Car
3 - Extreme Car
4 - Secret Car A (Bus)
5 - Secret Car B
6 - Secret Car C (Beetle)
7 - Secret Car D

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