Star Trek: Starfleet Academy Cheat Codes

Star Trek: Starfleet Academy (PC)

All out War with the Starbase
Use the tractoring trick to pull the starbase into one of your fellow Excelsior ships after defeating the rebels. All of the ships will begin attacking the (unfortunatly invincible) starbase.

Extra photon power in Omega 12-300
To get extra photon power in Omega 12-300, type "$PUNISH"

Fire While Cloaked
In the create mission if you choose a ship with a cloaking device you can use these steps to be able to fire while cloaked!, first make sure you are at green alert and un-cloaked then type these keys in the order (C) (A) (R) this will cloak you and send you to red alert at the same time allowing you to fire wihile cloaked.

Go up against the production team
To go up against the production team, type "KNAT ATTACK" (Make sure to use all caps) in the starbase system of Balance of Terror. (be careful...this is REALLY hard)

Kill Romulan near Raven
To kill the Romulan near Raven, type “mercury” in the End Game mission.

Kill Sherak
To kill Sherak, type “$_>me!” in the Smugglers Den mission.

Reload Photon Torpedoes
To reload the Photon Torpedoes, type “****tiberius” after the first battle of mission 7. Then enter within transporter range of the star base and press “I”.

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