Star Wars: Rogue Squadron

AT-ST Bonus Level
To access the secret Chicken Walker (AT-ST) bonus level enter the password CHICKEN.

All Power-Ups
Enter the word TOUGHGUY at the password screen to get all power-ups.

Beggar's Canyon
Here's your chance to fly a T-16 Skyhopper on Luke's homeworld, Tatooine. As soon as you finish all missions with at least a BRONZE medal, you can take on your buddies in a peaceful race through Beggar's Canyon.

Death Star Trench Run
As a little hidden bonus, the developers of Rogue Squadron included the Death Star trench run from A New Hope as an extra mission in the game. To get it, beat all levels with at least a SILVER medal on each level.

Battle of Hoth
Finish all levels with a GOLD medal and you will be able to play the third bonus mission: The original Battle of Hoth. Your craft of choice is the Snowspeeder.

Bearded Man on Title Screen
On the Passcodes screen, enter HARDROCK. Next, go back to the screen where Luke is climbing out of his X-Wing. Wait a minute (or through the first demo). Luke's face will be replaced by a bearded man's face.

Credits Cheat
Enter the word CREDITS at the Password Menu and you will be able to watch the Star Wars style Factor 5/LucasArts credits, accompanied by a Rogue music medley.

View Development Team Photo
Enter BLAMEUS as a password. This will display a photo of the development team.

Fly the Millennium Falcon
Enter FARMBOY as a password. You can now select the Millennium Falcon in certain missions.

Drive a Cadillac
In the passcodes screen type in KOELSCH (beer from Cologne) and pick a mission where you can fly the V-Wing. You will be able to fly a black Cadillac.
NOTE: If you pause the game while using the Cadillac the game will lock up.

Increase Difficulty
So the game is too easy for you, huh? Why don't you enter the word ACE at the password screen and see how tough you really are.

Infinite Lives Code
With Rogue Squadron's insane learning curve, the following code certainly helps a lot. Enter the word IGIVEUP at the password screen for infinite lives.

Fly Any Ship on Any Level
If you earn a gold medal on Hoth you can fly almost any ship you want on any level. To access Hoth earn a gold medal in every other level.

Fly the TIE Interceptor
To get your hands on a hijacked TIE Interceptor, enter the password TIEDUP at the password screen. The TIE Interceptor is hidden behind the Millenium Falcon in the hangar. You need to push up on the stick to get to it.

Level Select
Type DEADDACK in the passcodes to get all levels including the three bonus levels.

Music Menu and Ship Gallery
Since Rogue Squadron includes tons of cool Star Wars tunes, the designers of the game didn't forget to put in a hidden "music test" to let you listen to all of them. In Rogue, you will also be treated to spinning models of the ships while you listen to the music. Simply enter MAESTRO at the password screen (use it in conjunction with the DIRECTOR code) and you will get a new option.

Radar Code
Ever notice how the radar in Rogue Squadron doesn't work like a "real" radar? If you go to the Passwords menu and enter the word "RADAR", it switches to a different mode, where the object with higher altitudes are displayed brighter than low-flying ships.

Watch All Cut-scenes
If you want to see all the cut-scenes in their order of appearance (minus the bonus mission ones), type in the word DIRECTOR at the password screen.

Game Shark Codes

Cheat Code
Infinite Lives 80130B10 0008
Infinite Secondary Weapons 8010CA32 0008
99 Kills 80130B85 0063
99 Saves 80130B86 0063
Have All Levels / Ships 80130B4D 007E
Infinite Health [Note 1] 81137E7C 4316
GS Button For Gold Medals Won
Ambush at Mos Eisley 88130B1C 00??
Rendezvous on Bankhesh 88130B1D 00??
The Search For The Nonnah 88130B1E 00??
Defection At Corellia 88130B1F 00??
Liberation V 88130B20 00??
The Jade Moon 88130B21 00??
Imperial Construction Yard 88130B22 00??
Assault on Kile II 88130B23 00??
Rescue on Kessel 88130B24 00??
Prisons on Kessel 88130B25 00??
Battle Above Taloraan 88130B26 00??
Escape From Fest 88130B27 00??
Blockade on Chandrila 88130B28 00??
Raid on Sullust 88130B29 00??
Moff Seerdon's Revenge 88130B2A 00??
The Battle of Calamari 88130B2B 00??
Beggar's Canyon 88130B2C 00??
The Death Star Trench Run 88130B2D 00??
Battle of Hoth 88130B2E 00??
Quantity Digits to Accompany Medal Modifier Codes
00 - None
01 - Bronze Medal
02 - Silver Medal
03 - Gold Medal

Note: With this code, you can still die, if you run into something DEAD on.

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