Twisted Edge Extreme Snowboarding Cheat Codes

Twisted Edge Extreme Snowboarding (N64)

Bonus boarders
Attain a overall first place ranking in each difficulty level under competition mode to unlock Ben, Nieno, Tok, and Boreth.

Bonus boards
Finish in first place in the various races to unlock the XXX6, Top Gear Rally, and Midway boards. Complete stunt challenge mode to unlock the Bucky board.

Play as G
Successfully complete "Stunt Challenge" with a point standing of first place, which is 28,000 or higher. Then the hidden boarder G, who is almost completely nude, will be selectable.

Master mode
Successfully complete the game on the first three difficulty levels.

Twisted mode
Successfully complete master mode.

Mirror mode
Successfully complete twisted mode.

Boss snowboard and Bob character
Finish first overall on the Mirror course, to unlock the Boss snowboard and Bob, a character that has maximum stats.

Quick start
Immediately after the word "Go" disappears at the beginning of a race, press Up(2).

Big points
When approaching a huge jump, like the last one on the Big Jump Stunt mode, press Left + A or Right + A to do a twist in the air. Just hold this and press R at the same time to frab your board and do 2160's and other huge stunts. If done correctly, this will earn from a few hundred up to a thousand points.

Game Shark Codes

Unlock All Boarders 810829F8 07FF
Unlock All Tracks 810829FC BFFE
Unlock All Boards 81082A04 0003
81082A06 FFFF
Unlock All Difficulties 810829F0 0700
Have Stunt Points Modifier 810829B8 ????
Have 50000 Stunt Points 810829B8 C350
Low Timer 81149600 0000
81149602 0000

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