Tyrian Cheat Codes

Tyrian (PC)

Bonus Game
For a "Scorched Earth" clone, type "destruct" at the main menu. Press F1 when the game begins for help.

Christmas Tyrian
If your system clock's month is set to December then the game will ask you at startup if you want to play Christmas Tyrian.

Easy Money
When you start a game, press F2, F3 and F10. You'll have to repeat this code on each level.

Harder Game
For a harder game, press G when you select the difficulty.

While playing, press F2+F3+F6 for invincibility.

Level Skip
While playing, press F2+F6+F7 to skip to the next level.

No Armor
During a game press F2 + F3 + F5 at the same time to play the stage with no armor. Repeat for each level.

Suicide Mode
For an even greater challenge, press } on the difficulty selection screen.

Super Ships
For an awesome ship, type any of these at the main menu screen:

Super Tyrian
Type ENGAGE at the title screen. This codes works on versions 2.0 and later. For an easier version, hold the SCROLL LOCK button while typing it in.

Turbo Speed
For the fastest speed possible, press Backspace and '1' at the same time.

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