Warcraft II Cheat Codes

Warcraft II (PC)

To enter cheat code, during game play, hit ENTER and a MSG: prompt will appear at the bottom of the screen, then enter the following codes:

Cheat Code Action
glittering prizes Get 10000 gold, 5000 lumber and 5000 oil
valdez Get 5000 oil immediately
spycob Get 5000 oil
Never a winner Impossible to win, disable end sequence
it is a good day to die Invincibility units
magic To acquire magic
no glues To turns off traps
show path Shows entire game map
on screen Shows entire game map
showpath Shows entire game map without fog
day Turns the map light and show "FEIF" message
deck me out Upgrade all units
every little thing she does Full magic for all units
make it so Fast building capabilities
hatchet Fast lumber collection
there can only be one force to win, end of game
You pitiful worm admits defeat
fastdemo Play demos between levels
Unite the clans Instant victory
tigerlily Enable the following 2 Warp modes
human# Warp to any human mission. Replace # with the number of the mission you want to warp to
orc# Warp to any Orc mission. Replace # with the number of the mission you want to warp to
disco To play a special background music for your pleasure
ucla To displays "Go Bruins" above the message box, no special effect
noglues Disables magical traps
allowsync Concede a modem game
i don't think so Removes a victory
tombstone To stops Orc traps
title Make units go faster
Netprof Laser light show
spycob 5,000 Units Of Oil
very cosmic
i agree
Other cheat codes, effect still unknown to me. Let me know if you do. Thanks.

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