World Cup '98 Cheat Codes

World Cup '98 (N64)

Programmers team
On the team customization screen, select any team, then enter "BuryFC" as a player name. Now the Creations team will replace the players on the England team.

Scoring sounds
After scoring a goal, press A, B, C-Left, or C-Down for different sounds.

Classic games
Win the World Cup using any team, then select the "World Cup Classics" option from the main menu. Win the World Cup again using either classic team to unlock the next classic match. The classic games are unlocked in the following order:

Game Shark Codes

Score Modifier Away Team 800478BB 00??
Score Modifier Home Team 800478BF 00??
Shots on Target Modifier Away Team 80047A67 00??
Shots on Target Modifier Home Team 80047FEB 00??
Shots off Target Modifier Away Team 80047A6F 00??
Shots off Target Modifier Home Team 80047FF3 00??
Corners Modifier Away Team 80047A73 00??
Corners Modifier Home Team 80047FF7 00??
Open Cup Classic Mode 8003CC6F 0001
Finish Half and Full Time Instantly 80048EA3 00F0

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