WWF Attitude Cheat Codes

WWF Attitude (N64)

All Cheats
To activate all cheats, win Carrier Mode (medium or hard difficulty) using a created player.

Alternate Animation
For a different entrance, maneuvers and the actual theme songs of each wrestler, select Utilities at the main menu and choose “Teen” language.

Career Mode Bonuses
Win the following championship titles or Pay-Per-View events in career mode with any wrestler on any difficulty setting to unlock the indicated bonuses and/or wrestlers:

More costumes
When you're choosing a player for a ppv press c-up, c-down, c-right, c-left

Offstage Items
To make objects (such as trashcans, stop signs and ladders) readily available, use a variety of wrestlers in Hardcore matches.

The 4 faces of Mankind
Go to a four player match, and have all four people pick mankind. Player two will be referee mankind, player 3 will be dude love, and player four will be cactus jack.

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