WWF Raw Cheat Codes


Change Character Stats
This allows you to change the character statistics by lowering certain stats to raise others. Go to the Character Select screen and press Select to see the character's stats, then simultaneously press the appropriate code:

123 Kid Left and Up, A, and Start
Bam Bam Bigelow A, Y, and Start
Diesel Down, A, Y, and Start
Doink Left, A, Y, and Start
Bret Hart Left and Down and Start
Owen Hart Up, A, Y, and Start
Lex Luger Down and Right and Start
Shawn Michaels Left and Down, A, and Y
Razor Ramon Left, A, and Y
Undertaker Right, Y, and Start
Luna Vachon Up and Right and A
Yokozuna Up, A, and Y

Choose the Same Character
Choose a two-player vs. mode match and allow player 1 to choose their character. After player 1 has chosen their character, simultaneously press Up, R and A on Controller 2. Now, Player 2 can choose the same character as Player 1.

Easy Knockouts
At the copyright screen or the first screen when you first turn on the game press Up+B+Y repeatedly until you hear a gunshot. Now you can knock out your opponents with two solid punches!

Pseudo Continue
If you're thrown out of the ring, press and hold Select until another wrestler appears to control him. This works until you run out of wrestlers.

Return to Rumble
Press SELECT or A + B + X + Y after being thrown out of the Rumble to qualify to return to the ring.

Surprise Opponent
While playing, hold L or R and press Up, Down, Left, Right and Select. This will bring out a different wrestling man that will attack the 1st player.

Twin Wrestlers
Go to the Character Select and choose the character you'd like to clone. When it's player 2's turn to choose, stay on that character and press Up+A+R then press RIGHT.

Walk Through the Crowd
Do 1-2-3 Kids mega move while beating up someone on the turnbuckle. You will be able to walk through the crowd..

Game Genie Codes

C2E3-C653 No Out-of-Ring Timer

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