WWF Wrestle Mania 2000 Cheat Codes

WWF Wrestle Mania 2000 (N64)

Alternate Costumes
At the character selection screen, press C-Left or C-Right.

Appearance by D-generation-X
Place X-pac and HHH with the DX music and video to make them appear together in a tag match with "D-generation-X" displayed.

Appearance by Mark Henry and D'Lo Brown
Place Mark Henry with the D'Lo Brown music and video to make them appear together in a tag match.

Appearance by The Brood
Place Edge and Christian with The Brood music and video. Then, place Gangrel in a tag match with Edge or Christian. They will appear together with "The Brood" displayed. However, Edge and Christian will not appear together in any other matches.

Appearance by The Corporate Ministry
Place Vince, Shane, or The Undertaker with The Corporate Ministry music and video to make them appear together in a tag match with "Corporate Ministry" displayed.

Appearance by the Headbangers
Edit "Chaz". Change his clothes to "Thrasher", name him "MOSH" (case senstive) and change his theme and video to the Headbangers. Then when Mosh and Thrasher appear together, they will appear as the Headbangers

Appearance by the New Age Outlaws
You can have Billy Gunn come out with the Road Dogg by changing his titantron and entrance to the Road Dogg. When they appear, the game will say "New Age Outlaws".

Appearance by the Union
Place Show, Mankind, Ken Shamrock, or Test with the Union music and no video to make them appear together in a tag match with "Union" displayed.

Austin's Smokin' Skull Belt
To get the Smoking Skull Belt for use in the create-a-belt option, win Road to Wrestlemania with Austin.

Blur Effect
When in the Create-A-Wrestler mode, go to the moves section. When you preview the move, hold Right-C button and you will see a blur effect.

Create Goldberg
The character creation is so good in this game that you can make Goldberg. THQ even left in the JackHammer and renaming it the Sledgehammer. All of his taunts are there too.

Create Goldust
To get Goldust, clone Kane's appearence. Put the second to last mask on him. Change his suit color to gold. Then change his hair, give him taunts, and choose Undertakers music. Then you have Goldust!

Easy win
When standing outside the ring and your opponent is inside the ring (with count out on, and also make sure your opponent is within reaching distance) if it set to 10 seconds wait until 9 and pull them out of the ring and get in quickly while they are counted out and you get the easy victory. The timing is crucial but once you get it consistancey should be a snap.

Finishing moves
Get in tie-up and move the Analog-stick while the spirit meter is in "Special".

Get Al Snow's head weapon
When playing a singles match pick Al Snow and go outside the ring. Press Up-c and you will get the mannequin head

Get Bossman's nightstick
Choose the Big Bossman Go to the crowd and press c-up and he will pick up a night stick.

Get Jeff Jarret's guitar weapon
Start a game as Jeff Jarret. Once you have started, leave the rind and stand next to the crowd. Now press C-up and he will grab his guitar.

Get Prince Albert's tattoo kit weapon
Fight as Prince Albert and grab a weapon out of the crowd by pressing C-up

Get a guitar weapon as Debra
Play as Debra and step out of the ring when the match has started and go to the black out lining on the out side of the ring and press C-up. When she pulls a weapon out of the crowd it will be a guitar and every time you do that it will be a guitar.

Kane Un-masked
To unmask Kane do to edit and choose Kane. Go to apperance edit and go to masks. Choose his mask as zero, and it will reveal the big man's burnt up face.

Listen to Character's Entire Intro Song
Go into the edit menu, choose any star, go to the personality tab, go to the music tab, select it with A, scroll up and down to select a song, the press C-Left to hear the song. This works with the entrance videos as well.

Manager Assistance
Your manager can help fight if your wrestler is the first person in the ring. Hold C-Up + C-Down + Z on controller three to have your manager be controlled by player three. If your wrestler is the second person in the ring, hold C-Up + C-Down + Z on controller four. Note: This only works for single matches.

Manager Interference
Start a one-on-one match and select a wrestler that has a manager/valet. Select an opponent that does not have a manager/valet. Then, start the match and wait for a run-in for the opposing wrestler. After the new wrestler enter the ring, your manager will jump into the match and beat up the interfering wrestler.

Never Lose on Road to Wrestlemania
If you lose a match in Road to Wrestlemania return to the screen with the list of matches, then hit B and choose exit. This will reset the event. When you continue your Road to Wrestlemania game it will be like the match never happened.

Obtain a weapon
Go to the side barricade, then face the crowed and press C-Up.

Play As Managers
When you are in the start of the match plug a controller into the 3rd or 4th player slot and hold "Z" on one of the controllers for about 5 seconds. You will be able to wrestle as the managers.

Play as Cactus Jack
Begin Road To Wrestlemania with any character and win the hard-core title. Defend it a few times and Cactus will come out and reveal himself as a hidden character.

Play as Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler
Begin Road To Wrestlemania with any character and make it to Wrestlemania. Before the action begins, JR and JL will introduce themselves and also become selectable characters.

Play as Paul Bearer
Begin Road To Wrestlemania with The Undertaker. After several matches, Paul will eventually accompany you to the ring and become a playable character.

Play as Shawn Michaels (HBK)
Begin Road To Wrestlemania and make it to Wrestlemania. Either defend or win the WWF title and Shawn will challenge you. If you win, he will become a selectable character.

Play as Stephanie McMahon
Begin Road To Wrestlemania with Test. After several matches, Stephanie will eventually accompany you to the ring and become a playable character.

Quick Dude Love
To get Dude Love go to edit. Then go to an original character and clone Mankind. Then change his ring attire to 62 and his upper body to 46. Then change his mask/etc to 3. Then change his name to Dude Love in full name and in nickname

Quick Specials
Hold the control stick to the right and watch the attitude meter go up to special.

Quick Stephanie McMahon
Go to edit and select original character. Then clone Debra. Change her ring attire to 7. Then you should have Stephanie McMahon.

Random Character Selection
To choose a character at random, press C-Down at the character selection screen.

Steal Opponent's Finishing Move
Strong grapple your opponent while your Attitude meter is flashing, then press the Analog-stick in any direction while simultaneously pressing A + B to humiliate your opponent by smacking him or her around with their own move.

Steal Opponent's Taunt
Spin counter clockwise on the analog and you will do one of your opponent's taunts.

View Entrance Costumes
Select a wrestler, then return to the character selection screen and highlight that wrestler again. The wrestler will be dressed in his entrance costume.

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