Yoshi's Island Cheat Codes

Yoshi's Island (SNES)

Bonus Games
To play the bonus games at any time, hold Select and press X, X, Y, B, A on the map screen. A menu will appear with all of the mini-battles, two of which can be played against another person.

Bonus Levels
At the end of every world there are two question mark boxes. When you get a 100 on every level on that world those two levels will appear.

Extra Lives on World 1-7
For nearly unlimited lives in world 1, try this:

Extra Lives on World 4-1
To gain all the lives you want, try this:

Find a Hidden Beanstalk
When you are on level 1-7 at the end after you have gone through the tunnel, there is a log. Go to the top tip of the log and jump. Then a bouncey ball will come out. Jump on that and you will go up. Then go to the left and roll the rock. A question mark will appear hit that and you will go up a beanstalk.

Hidden Door
In Sluggy the Unshaven's Fort, go in the door at your left at the start. Next, use a POW or ? bubble item. A door will appear. Go through it to recieve a secret code!

Raphael's Train
On level 5-8, most people cannot get 100 points because they're missing a flower and a few red coins. To find these, get to the second rotating wooden beam, and jump in the gap between the beam and solid ground. You'll find a train room. Hold Y to accelarate, and drive around the tracks to collect a flower and some red coins.

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