Zelda: Link's Awakening Cheat Codes

Zelda: Link's Awakening (GameBoy)

Alternate Music
To change the background music at the file selection screen, start a new player and enter your name as ZELDA. Capitals only.

Bomb Arrows
Equip yourself with both bombs and arrows. Press A+B at the same time and the arrows will carry the bombs until they explode or hit something!

Boomerang and Magnified Glass
To get the Magnified Glass, go to the Trendy Game in Mabe Village. Win the Yoshi Doll (very easy). Now, go to the Triplet's House in Mabe Village. Give the Yoshi Doll to the Mom for the Ribbon. Go to MeowMeow's house in Mabe Village and go inside the dog house. Give the Ribbon to the dog for some Canned Dogfood. Go to Toronbo's Shores and give the dogfood to Sale the Alligator for some Bananas. Go east of the castle and you'll find a monkey. Give the bananas to the monkey for a stick. Go to Ukuku Prairie and find Tarin at the Beenest. Give him the stick for the Honey Comb. Go to Animal Village and give the Honey Comb to the bear chef for the Pineapple. Go onto Tal Tal Mountain and find the Triplet Dad. Give him the Pineapple for a flower. Return all the way to Animal Village and give the flower to the goat for the Note. Give the Note to Mr. Write north of the Mysterious Woods for the Broom. Return to Animal Village and give the Broom to the old lady for the Fish Hook. Go to Martha's Bay and find the bridge east of the Mermaid Statue. Swim under it to find a fisherman. Give him the Fish Hook for a Necklace. Give the Necklace to the Mermaid in Martha's Bay for a Fish Scale. Now, go onto the bridge east of the Mermaid Statue. You must use the Hookshot to reach the Mermaid Statue. Once there, place the Fish Scale in the statue to reveal a hidden hole. Inside are invisible enemies. Get by them and proceed north for the Magnified Glass. This lets you see invisible enemies and small print (such as in the book at the Mabe Village Library). Now, go to Toronbo's Shores to the south end. There should be an explosive wall. Blow it up with a Bomb and go inside to find a weird creature. Give him the Shovel for the Boomerang. This trick takes a while, but it is very helpful because you need the Magnified Glass to finish the game. The Boomerang is helpful because it can be used to defeat enemies easier, such as enemies that die from the Bow.

Bow Wows Shell Sniffing Nose
After you beat castle 2 don't take Bow Wow home just yet. Take him around to look for shells, if there is a shell on screen he will tell you to dig(make sure to bring a shovel).

Coconuts of Fortune!
In the first level go to the tree with the monkey. When he throws those coconuts hit them with your sword. Items include rupees, guardian acorns, a peice of power, and nothing in any of the coconuts will do you any harm.

Easy Money
In level three, the boss will taunt you and say that you'll never find him. To get to him ram the wall with pegasus boots. To get infinite rupies, get to the boss, but don't ram the wall. A bunch of little blobs will start falling out of the sky. Kill these for as long as you want for easy money.

Extra Seashells
To get a bonus seashell, find exactly five secret seashells, then make your way to the seashell mansion. Once inside, walk right until water flows up that big pipe. Another bonus shell can be found by doing this with exactly ten seashells.

Finding Bombable Walls
You can poke any wall to see if you can bomb through it. Just get your sword out and poke at the wall. If you hear a hollow clank, you can bomb through the wall.

To fly you must have the Boomerang and the Rooster. Throw the Boomerang and pick up the Rooster. Then the Boomerang will hover below you. You cannot get attacked by normal enemies but you may attack them!

Keep Marin With You For The Entire Game
Get Marin to follow you (beat the first three levels) then take the WARP (the hole with the spirals in them) to the animal villiage. Walk to the left. When you are about to go to the next screen, push Select, and you should go completely warp across the screen. Now Marin will follow you the whole game.

Fun With Marin
After you beat the first 3 levels get Marin to follow you. Here are some things that you can do:

You can also turn her into a ghost. Once she's following you, use the screen warp to go to level 4 and beat it. When you come out a ghost will be following you, and now Marin will be a ghost as well. When you get back to the ghost's house, he will tell you where to look for a jar and from then on Marin will be herself again.

Heart Pieces
Here are the locations of the pieces of heart using the map like a grid. A-Z = up, 1-16 = across.

  1. 1-K
  2. 2-I
  3. 5-E
  4. 3-G
  5. 15-M
  6. 9-H
  7. 15-C
  8. 14-M
  9. 7-H
  10. 8-A
  11. 2-A
  12. 7-I

Money Saving Tip
If you're going to buy an expensive item, get it from the counter and go pay for it. As your money is being taken away press Start + Select + A + B at the same time. Choose SAVE AND QUIT then reload the game. If you were fast enough you'll have the item and most of the money you would have spent.

Nightmare Key
If you have trouble beating level two then this is for you. In the room with the nightmare key first kill the bunny dude trapped in the blocks, then kill the bat and then kill the guy with the skull face. After you do this, the treasure chest with the nightmare key in it will appear.

Old Woman Glitch
When you go to the Trendy Game, go to the screen just above it and use the screen warp, to warp into the trees outside of the south of the Trendy Game door. If you do it right, you should be able to go down to the screen on the other side of the trees. There you should notice that the monsters by the ocean are old ladies, and that they also throw old ladies at you.

Piece of Heart at the Fishing Pond
North of Mabe Village there is a fishing game. There is one big fish directly below you. If you catch it the man will give you a peice of heart and 20 rupees.
Note: It helps to catch all the other fish before you catch this one.

Revenge of the Chickens
In Mabe Village (where Marin and Tarin live and where the game begins), find a chicken and beat it with your sword continuously. After you take enough swipes at it, it'll call the cavalry, and you'll be savagely pecked to daeth by vengeful chickens! you can escape them by moving out of the screen and onto the next. This works with dogs, too, but they're more irritable and independant than chickens are! Have fun!

Rupee Trick
This is one for those who like to fish, you need at least 25 rupees for this. Go to the fishing pond in Mabe Village, and do the fishing routine. Keep trying again till all the fish are gone, you'll wind up gaining 5 rupees out of it. You can keep going back to the pond and doing this until you're pockets are lined with rupees.

Second Power Bracelet
You can get the second power braclet by going to animal village. In animal village you go down to the walrus and then go up two screens and you will find a secret cave. Blow up the cave entrance so you can go in. Then go to the far left of the screen but don't go to the next screen. Then use the screen warp and press left on the control pad and you will end up on a roof with cracks. Don't make the cracked blocks fall or this could ruin the trick. Now go to the top left and go up, there you should find a chest get the chest and you will have the second power braclet.

Simplify the Trading Game
If you're too lazy to go through and trade all of the items do this: Get the yoshi doll as usual, but do not trade it. When you come to the hungry monkey screen, warp by him and continue on getting the 5 golden leaves. Then when Tarin is in front of the tree and asks for the stick say yes, and suddenly you have one. He will knock down the beehive and it's all yours.

Skip Screens
As you approach the edge of any screen, watch carefully. Just before the screen scrolls to a different section press Select to warp you to the other side of the screen. This trick makes it easy to bypass some obstacles.

To steal from a store, take what you want then stand above the shopkeeper. As as he's looking at the top of the screen, run out the door. There is one minor setback from stealing. After you steal something from a store, all of the characters in the game will call you THIEF.
Note: If you steal from a shopkeeper you can never return. Doing so is a death sentence! However, you can use this to advantage by choosing Save and Continue when the shopkeeper kills you. You can now re-enter the store and steal from it again.

The Five Golden Leaves
Having trouble finding the Golden Leaves that Richard wants so badly? Here are their locations:

  1. In the castle, first room to your left, kill all of the enemies to receive a leaf.
  2. Outside the right of the castle, kill the guy who pops his head out of five holes to throw bombs - you'll get another leaf.
  3. In the castle in the room next to the room with the guy with ball and chain, bomb the weird looking walls to reveal the third Golden Leaf.
  4. Kill the guy with the ball and chain.
  5. Outside to the left of the castle, throw a stone at the bird on the tree and kill it.

Trading Shortcut
You know all that trading you have to do throughout the games? Well here's a way to beat the system. You can only do this once, so be wise. Go into the Mysterious Forest. Enter the cave with the sign out front (Up 2 over 2). Once inside, go up one screen and over one screen. Now go back to the screen you just came from to the right. But before the screen changes, use the screen warp.
This will put you on a roof with several cracks. Now go over one screen. You will drop off into a room with some stairs and several enemies. Go up one screen. On the podium, you will find the next trade item.
Note: Don't go out the stairs, you will get stuck on the mermaid statue and that will ruin your game if you save it.

Turn Marin into a Rooster
When you go to the animal village and can't pass the whale, don't go to see Marin. Instead use the screen warp to get by him. Now continue the game as normal until you get the flying rooster. Next, go to the sea shore and get Marin. After talking to her she will be a rooster, but after a while her head gets a little messed up.
Note: Do not enter the crane game shop after you do this or your game will crash and freeze.

Winning the Crane Game
This technique is a little more effective way to get things on the crane game. Your timing must be just right, or you'll never get it. To do this trick, put the crane on the upper left hand side of the screen with the shadow over the left moving conveyer belt. Wait until what you want is about halfway up the right side to drop the crane.

Game Genie Codes

FAO-999-4C1 Invincibility
054-EE9-E6E 5 rupees per rupee
324-EE9-E6E 50 rupees per rupee
FF4-EE9-E6E 255 rupees per rupee
Infinite rupees
Start with Laser Sword and Mirror Shield
All weapons start at max power (must have a or b button open when getting weapon)

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