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The new .50!
This is the new .50, it's about the same barrel as the other one, but this one comes with the standard stock, which in my opinion is better. Strangely enough, being the same rifle and all, this one shoots more accurate that the older one. The barrel and bipod is nickel plated, and the wall of the barrel is about half an inch thick. Click one of the pics below to view larger size!

Angled Shot of the .50 Custom box with built in scope rail to hold the rifle with bolt and scope Side view of the .50 caliber rifle
Side view of the rifle displaying the size of the round fired from it Me shooting the rifle, too bad the camera (and the camera man) is not fast enough to catch the actual shot

Colt .45 stainless
This is a Stainless, 3.5 inch barrel, Colt .45 MK IV Police Issue. 9mm's watch out, this calibre (.45 calibre) has been proven to out perform the 9mm in gun fights.

1944 Nazi P38
1944 Nazi (German) P38, used in WWII by the German army. All matching parts, in at least 98% condition, and almost 100% condition, even the paint in the stamping hasn't worn out yet. It is a double action pistol, meaning that just as long as you have a round in the chamber, you do not need to cock the hammer back, the trigger pull automatically draws the hammer back, and then letting it fall. It fires 9mm Luger rounds, almost identicle to the more common 9mm parabellum. Probably the most advanced handgun at the time.

pic of Nazi P38 with slide back
Here's a pic of the same Nazi gun with it's slide back.

Mossberg 590 Riot Shotgun (trench-gun) Brand new Mossberg 590 12 guage shotgun. has an extended mag, making the gun's capacity to be 9 rounds, also holds 4 extra shells in the stock, so you don't need to dig into your pockets for more ammo. Made specifically for the Military with a bayonet lug made to fit the M9 bayonet (used for the AR15 aka M16).

pic of 590 with bayonet on
This pic shows how this gun looks with the bayonet on, also notice the hand guard on the top of the barrel just in front of the receiver to protect dumb people like us from burning our hands on a hot barrel.
another great pic of the Mossberg 590 shotgun

Here is the Springfield Armory M1A. It is exactly the same as a M14 but the M1A is the civilian model, it is semi-automatic. It shoots 7.62 x 51 NATO rounds.

.308 hunting rifle
This is a bolt-action hunting rifle. It shoots the same kind of ammunition as the M1A, which is 7.62 x 51 NATO, or also known as the .308.

Lee Enfield rifle
from the same company, but different times
older one
This is a few of the Enfield rifles we have, they were used extensively by the British and the Allied Forces during WWI, and was also used in other wars during it's time period. It fires British .303 rounds which, mostly because of the gun's metal stock plate, kicks like a mule.



Do you have any guns you would like to brag about? any cool stories?

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